In order not to be cheated when signing important documents

Unfortunately, in all spheres of human life has divorced a lot of speculators.Of course, at the conclusion of the most critical instruments should also be extremely careful and cautious reading to sign the document.But maybe it makes sense to enlist the support of a higher power in order to avoid being cheated.

So, now the ritual.Before leaving the house on important business need to light a candle, that you have purchased in the church, and put it in a candlestick on the edge of the sill on the left side of his own.

Next you need to open the window and quietly whisper the following plot:

«Do not introduce me to Oman, the servant of God (your name), the power of evil!And insidious veil will fall from my eyes, like a God's Eye on every hour with me, the slave of (your name).Amen. "

After pronouncing these words, the window should be closed rapidly and simultaneously in the center sill throw a handful of white beans (can of beans, but the same color).Thus it is necessary to say the following plot:

«How Oman, secret, deep, as they foresaw God's Eye.There is no deadline to this commandment.Amen. "

Then you need to carefully collect the beans or kidney beans in your left hand and put it in the left pocket of your clothes (which will sign important papers).Then extinguish the candle with your fingers (do not blow out), and can go to a business meeting.Turning nearest to the place of the transaction a crossroads, you accidentally "lose" the beans, while saying, "Nope term for God's time.Amen. "

Upon completion of all cases need to go home and back to light a candle, which stands in a candlestick on the edge of the sill.Next you need to open the window and quietly say:

«Thank you for the success of God's eye.Now, for ever and ever no to Him, All-Seeing, deadline.Amen.Amen.Amen. "

Then you can close the window, put out the candle, and the candle from her hide somewhere in a secluded place.

This ritual can be repeated if necessary.But remember, you can use this method to three times a year.

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