How to register with iTunes?

The first thing to be every buyer of any product of Apple, is to register in iTunes, iecreate your Apple ID.We need this in order to be able to install any applications on your device to use with features such as iCloud, which lets you create a copy of your device to the server Apple, iMessage, - instant messaging between devices, as well as other interesting and necessary services.

iTunes - a comfortable modern media player that can be synchronized with your device, bringing him an update.ITunes library contains a huge amount of media available for purchase and listening to both in the program on the computer and on various devices, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod.Also features playback of audio and video files, iTunes Store includes the necessary content - iTunes Store, where there is a lot of programs to suit all tastes and needs: from games to office and navigation applications, and for every budget: from free to very expensive and.If you want everyone to use it, you can do nothing but to create in iTunes.

Like all products of the company Apple, iTunes arranged quite simple and understandable for the user.If you are still faced with any difficulties while dealing with how to create an account in iTunes, will discuss this in detail.

So If iTunes is already installed on your computer, proceed to registration.In order to bring up the registration, it is necessary in the menu bar in the "Shop", select "Create Apple ID ...".There are other ways to cause the required window, for example, by clicking on any application in the AppStore on the "Buy" or "free", if the application is free, as well as on the "Login" at the top of the store.

It should be clarified at once that if you are interested in how to create an account on iTunes without credit card for payment, you should click the "Free" by any free app in the store.Immediately after that, you will be presented the initial registration page.Clicking on the "Continue" button, you get to the page where is the text of the license agreement with Apple.Agreeing with him, placing the appropriate check, go to the next page.Here you have to enter personal information required for registration:

  • e-mail, which was to be created before the account in iTunes;
  • password, which must consist of at least eight characters, including numbers, uppercase and lowercase English letters;
  • answers to three secret questions necessary to identify you as the owner of the account;
  • your date of birth, please note that here it is important to specify a minimum age of 21, minors (by American standards) is prohibited to register Apple ID.

complete all fields, go to the next page.It is necessary to make the payment information - data on the credit card and your mailing address.The fields dedicated to the map, you can specify the information on the cards VISA, MasterCard and American express: number, expiration date, security code.If you do not want to register a map, you can select "No" button.It is present when you entered through a free application.Here you can enter the number of the gift certificate, if you have it.To avoid breaking the account (although Apple and is characterized by its reliability and safety), it is recommended to register a virtual card with a small amount of money on it.After that, your card will be an amount equal to 1 ruble, a month later, she comes back to you on the map - registration is free.

Under the credit card data fill in your address and click the button at the bottom of the form "Create Apple ID".

's all about how to create in iTunes.In your e-mail will receive a letter in which you will click on the link to confirm your email address.Now you have the Apple ID, and you can use the services of Apple in its entirety.