Simple Christmas divination: look into the future?

What could be better than a cozy evening of Christmas: the window is falling soft snow, the heat in the house, adorned Christmas tree, and friends who love you people are preparing for the holiday table.This is a great time on the one hand, fills the soul with warmth and on the other fanned mystery because of beliefs that are associated with the Christmas holidays.And willy-nilly, you start to think: well if I do not look to the future, and suddenly I tell fortunes and find out the truth?If it crept up with this idea - is enough to think, time to get down to business.In this article you will learn how to do it, because here - simple divination at Christmas.

Why guess?

First, to make their lives more diverse, because it is believed that the divination - magic that fanned secrets and is accessible only to the initiated.Why not take some time to the mysterious side of life?Secondly, with the help of divination can really know the future.It does not always work, may play a role of coincidence, but th

e result is often implemented.And, thirdly, it is necessary to learn to believe in miracles.There are so many pressing problems that overshadow the life and such a tale as divination, will dilute the flow of everyday doing something awesome.Let's get started.

Guessing on paper

We need to take a container with a flat bottom (for example, unnecessary plate) before writing it on a clean sheet of paper (A4 or exercise book): "What is waiting for me this year?" And smashed it.After that, find a wall in the house, which shows the clear lines of shadows, to stand in front of her.Put the prepared paper on the plate so that the wall reflects its shape and burn.While it is lit, you need to carefully consider the shadow: to see what it reminds you.After that, throw the ashes, and think about what might symbolize what they see.Our brain - best prompter future.

talk about the future wax

Christmas divination on wax are many variations.We consider one of the most easy to organize.We need to take a white candle and melt it in the fire (on the eve of separating from her rope) and prepare a bowl of water.While it is melting, I think about a question that you want to get the answer.When the candle is completely melted, repeat whisper his thoughts and pour the wax into the water.He takes bizarre forms in which you will definitely see an honest answer!

book future

This is a fairly prosaic method requiring a maximum of 5 minutes.Around to be quiet.Concentrate on the question, imagine it.Without opening his eyes, imagine a figure.Then, open the book to any page and count the line number has been introduced.The nearest and subsequent three proposals - is the answer to the question.Surprisingly, it works on divination especially Stendhal book "Red and Black".

On the water

the ways in which we have listed - a simple divination at Christmas.This will be a little harder and longer in the organization.Pour into a container of cold water.Look at it and concentrate on questions of interest (it should mean "yes" or "no"), about 2 minutes.Then put the bowl in the freezer and forget about it until the morning.When the sun comes out, remove it and see if the water is frozen in the form of pits, then the answer is 'no', and if the elevation, the "yes".

Secret under the pillow

This method is like no other is classified as "simple divination at Christmas."His organization takes 2 minutes.Take three small sheet and write on them answers your question.Roll up, put under the pillow and sleep.Note that you can not talk after that (why - is unknown) as long as one of them pull out.Waking up in the morning, take the first available piece of paper, and soon deploy, because it is the answer!

So, here we have completed regarded simply guessing at Christmas.However, be aware that the future, whatever it may be fatal, it is still amenable to correction.