How to determine the age of the millennium or year by year?

Many people find it difficult to answer the question: "How to identify the age of the year in which there was a particular event?"In general, there is no big deal.Now you see it yourself.


for events that occurred in the time interval BC (that is, all that was from this day until the period of just over two thousand years ago), the age is calculated as follows: at the value of the year dropped the last two digits,and the result is increased by one.For example, we need to know in what century the Great Patriotic War.This happened in 1941. Discard the last two digits (41) and the remaining digits (19) is increased by one.It turns out the number 20. That is,The Great Patriotic War began in the twentieth century.Another example - Oleg the Wise died at age 912 What was it?Discard numbers 12 to nine we add one and understand that Kyiv prince died in the tenth century.

Here we must make a clarification.Century - a long period of a hundred years.If the last two digits of the year - 01, this is the f

irst year of the century.If the 00 - the last year of the century.Thus, this rule has an exception.If the last two digits of the year - the zeros, then we do not add the unit.How to determine the age of a year?For example, Pius VII had become Pope in 1800.In what century did this happen?Discard the last two digits of the date, but keep in mind that it is zero, and adds nothing.18. Get Pius VII had become Pope in the XVIII century.And the following year came the century XIX.We dealt with the definition of what age a year includes, with respect to BC.And if we are talking about events that happened before?


It's all a bit more complicated.1 year to 100 years BC - the first century BCFrom 101 to 200 - a second, and so on.Thus, to determine the age of the year before the birth of Christ, we must discard the last two digits of the year and add one.Similarly, when the last two digits of zero - nothing to add.Example: Carthage destroyed in 146 BC.e.How to determine the age of, in this case?Discard the last two digits (46) and adds one.We get the second century BCAnd do not forget about our exception catapult was invented in 400 BCWe discard the last two digits, keep in mind that it is zero, and adds nothing.It turns out that catapults were invented in the 4th century BC.It's simple!


Once we figured out how to determine the age of the year, let's try at the same time learn to identify the millennium.Here, too, there is nothing difficult.Just have to drop, not two, and the last three digits of the date, and add still 1.

Example: Alexander II abolished serfdom in 1861.In a millennium he do it?Discard the last three digits (861), and the remaining units will add another.Answer: The second millennium.The exceptions here too.If the last three digits - zeros, then the unit does not increase.

national currency "TJS" was introduced in Tajikistan in 2000.That is, it happened in the second millennium.

That is why those who in 2000 celebrated the third millennium and of the 21st century, mistaken - these events occurred only in the next year.

If you understand all this simple arithmetic, you now know exactly how to determine the age of the year or even to know the number of the Millennium.