Gross - what is it?

What is gross?Translated from the Italian - bad, rude.For what purpose is not entirely pleasant words are used in different spheres of our life?It is widely used in accounting and tax, transport companies and shipping, credit and insurance, even the best minds, scientists have adopted this term.How can combine all of these areas with one little word is not very pleasant translation?Gross - what is it?

Quite simply, most of the value that is meant by the word "gross" is somewhat different - impure.That is, those who are engaged in calculation, statistics or research activities, taking into account performance, burdened by anything that is impure, inaccurate data.It seems that the Italians have a value and the word brutto, may be figuratively, but still there.It is believed that brought him once in an international glossary of Italian merchants, sharing the weight of two kinds: with and without packaging (gross and net).Now in Italy it is not used brutto, and lordo.


the first time we are

faced with that word there.We are told about a gross weight: that means, of what there is and how to calculate.For repeat order usually come from school: weight, and exact mass is nothing but the sum of the mass of the goods (net) and packaging (packaging).It is with the addition of these two indicators is generated gross.The simplest tasks were the calculation of product without packaging.For example, it is necessary to calculate how many kilograms of bananas in the box if she herself weighs one kilogram, and the total weight of four.In high school, we have been asked about how many servings can be prepared from 3 kg of potatoes, if a portion of -300 g, and the cleaning up of 30% of the gross weight?Simple arithmetic develop our thinking and prepared for more serious and responsible job that we will receive, coming out of the walls of the school and the university.


This is where the term "gross weight" is used with incredible speed.Goods entering the shops for sale, bringing in the packaging container.This allows you to save the presentation, easy storage.But it will not sell pallets and wooden boxes!What to do?All corny easy.On the arrival of the goods placed remaining in the gross mass.Sales will be in the net (this is the opposite meaning, the antipode (ie net weight)).Net gross minus tare weight will.

way, very often registered gross weight on the label goods on a par with the net weight.But buying in a supermarket chicken in pan (a small plastic basket), we know how much he weighs a little bird, and how that in which it was put.Many manufacturers no longer use the term "gross" and write separately the weight of the goods and the tare weight / packing.Perhaps it is much more convenient for customers.


following industries, where the term is used, no less than at school or shop, this scientific activity.Gross formula, it is empirical (experience - in Greek), is not nothing but a way to express practical experiments using universally recognized symbols.Formulates his findings experimental scientists, describing what was obtained empirically.

direct use of the term is in the economy, where the theoretical values ​​"customize" to the real (empirical).In chemistry, gross formula is not that other, as a way to present information on the size of molecules, rather than structural or isometric.In physics, this phrase is used when talking about the experiment described, but not confirmed by a sufficient number of arguments.Over time, these empirical (empirical formula) "acquire" evidence base and replaced by exact formulas.


Ships and gross - what is this connection?Clearly, when it comes to cargo in containers (packaging), and the ships themselves do with it?In international maritime use this term denoting registration tonnage.The size of the vessel shall be calculated in the registration tonnes.At the same time we are not talking about the weight / mass, and on the amount.This indicator refers to when talking about the total amount of space the entire vessel.That is a gross registered ton equals 2.83 cu.m (100 cu. lbs).

Room rental

This is another industry where appropriate, the term "gross".In this context, it is as follows: the total remuneration for the use of lease premises with utilities.That is the standard question asked by the landlord tenant (who pays the light / gas / water?) May sound simple (listed in the contract gross amount?).Succinctly and concisely, is not it?


There is another concept, which is formed from the word brutto.Most often this term are the insurance companies when calculating premiums.He pays gross premiums person insured under the contract.This amount is the gross rate.It, in turn, is composed of net-rate and load.The rate of net forms a basic foundation from which the insurance case, the payment will be made.The load, in turn, consists of the additional costs, which are obliged to pay for the insurance company.Roughly speaking, this contribution for employees, premises, administrative activities, and, of course, profit.As a result of banal summations insurance company calculates the amount for the payment of insurance contracts for households and businesses.

Cars and gross

What could it be, when it comes to cars?Clearly, if we talk about the mass of the car with and without load, and if it is proportional to the amount of tax deductions, while?The fact that the engine size, or rather its power, subject to taxation.The higher the score, the higher the transport fee.Everybody knows!

For many, these words may seem surprising, but still there is a case, as the terminology and even more so.Although in fairness I must say that in our country this wording is practically outdated.The fact that some manufacturers specify engine power Gross.That is the basis for the work of the unit was taken on the stand, not burdened with mass additional devices, as a generator or pump cooling system.In reality, the car could not move using the power is less by 20-30 percent.The result is a decent margin, and so on considerable transport tax.To eliminate this kind of inaccuracies, it is necessary to examine where qualified staff will confirm that the power available in the gross, not the net, as required by law.

Salary Remuneration for labor and gross.What is it?Where is the connection?Everything is very simple.Often, employers wishing to attract workers voiced their due payment for the work without any deduction of taxes.Employee naturally pleased, but the day comes salaries when everything falls into place."On the hand" to repay much less promise.That is, in this case, remuneration for the work - the net and the amount originally specified by the employer, - gross wages.


By the way, the company used the term brutto ever often.One of the immediate reasons for the application - created a financial document (balance of expenditure and income), which allows to compile accurate information, to fully see the whole picture of what is happening in the company, to minimize costs, increase profits.Gross balance is considered a "dirty", as it contains articles that show wear and tear, depreciation of premises and transport and so on. D. Most often, this kind of balance is used for scientific or statistical work.In everyday practice, creating a net balance.

fair to say that the gross balance of the bank, as opposed to the usual balance of the organization, created a little differently.It has the same performance as the accounts, but has a smaller number of articles (as opposed to a gross balance sheet that is generated for a typical organization or enterprise), but the "picture" of what is happening shows the wider creates, so to speak, Balance Sheet.


gross revenue - is not nothing but a total profit production (the company), so to speak, gross.It does not take into account such items as taxes and wages, depreciation and transport facilities.The total of all parishes and has gross revenues.The net profit of the company is seen from the net balance, which clearly prescribes the net revenue.


statistical records are maintained by calculating the gross factor.This term does not refer to any precise figures, but roughly speaking, is building illusory plans.The ratio is calculated by the formula, but the result makes it clear how much a girl can give birth to a girl (that girls not boys), which in the future will become mothers and produce to light their children.These figures are very conditional, show the approximate replacement of the population, not taking into account mortality.It should be noted that the calculation is carried out in two directions: gross reproduction rate and gross fertility rate.


From the above it can be concluded that a simple word with elementary, at first glance, the meaning, in fact, may be much more far-reaching, is used in accounting and tax, transport companies and shipping, credit and insurance, and most importantly,rightly so.

Let us repeat once again not so much the meaning of all the gross, as the industry and the direction in which the word is used, and this is done on a global scale:

  1. weight of goods in containers.
  2. tonnage vessel.
  3. Gross profit enterprises, banks, insurance companies and so on. D.
  4. Balance organizations (general account).
  5. full cost of the premium.
  6. Displacement car.
  7. wages.
  8. theoretical data universally recognized symbols.
  9. rental premises.
  10. Accounting birth rate.
  11. Science and Education.