How to draw a tiger, and this cartoon

Sometimes you want to draw something, new and unexpected, or the old and familiar.And sometimes it asks the child who saw a cartoon cute character.For example, the tiger.But how to draw a tiger?This is a beautiful, powerful, very vivid and colorful animal transfer it to paper is not easy.

First of all, it is necessary to determine which animal in what position and entourage wants to portray, because it affects the composition and drawing, and performance of its individual parts.It is also important to choose how to draw a tiger - a pencil, paint or perhaps ink.When all issues are resolved, you can proceed to the execution of the plan.

Perhaps the fastest - is to learn how to draw a tiger in stages.So it is easier and more accessible.First, a thin, light strokes drawn contour of the head and body of the tiger.To do this, made on a sheet (preferably in its center), two flat circle (this will be the head and neck), and added to them the oval for the torso.At the roundabout head for the drawn layout

for future eyes, nose and mouth.These markers help to place all the axes of the muzzle tiger stripes.

Footprints in the head two triangles are drawn, which will be subsequently ears.Stroking inside the triangle so as to obtain the effect of hair in the ears.Now you have to go down and just stroke the cheek tiger fur on the chin outline open mouth and nose hatch wool over the body of the animal and to outline future forepaws.

Now that it is clear how to draw a tiger from scratch, and when all the main parts are identified, you can start plotting.At first, the focus is on the head, because it is important and central to the figure.In the middle of the head slightly curved lines are drawn at the closing of forming eye.Then clearly drawn outlines of the nose, and pays attention to the ears.To draw them correctly, you need to mentally or dotted line to divide the half circle of the head into two equal halves.Only then draw tabs - so that their lower edge rests against this broken line.They are located on a diagonal to the main axes of the muzzle and are equal to half of its upper part.

How to draw a tiger on, it is already clear: to move to the lower part of the muzzle.It must be divided into two halves, add a triangle in the middle of the nose, shading the lines of lower lip and chin, draw the almond-shaped eyes.A little secret: the distance from the eye to the top of the head of a tiger is the size of his ears.If done correctly, between the eye and the center line is still plenty of room for even one eye.After this circular and the center lines, helped to paint, you can safely delete.Now, around the ears and muzzle is necessary to draw a lot of tiny tochechek to add tiger fluffy.Drawn hairs all over his body and face, and long whiskers, which are closer to the chin made shorter and shorter.To do this takes a soft pencil.

How to draw a tiger next?Draws the fur, that is, to represent black and white zigzag stripes.Then go to the paws, and make them fluffy supplying claws draws fingers and ankles.Dorisovyvat tail.

The last step - the removal of all unnecessary lines, drawing entourage: herbs, stones or anything that would like to see in the figure around the tiger.