How to draw an angel: small tricks to simplify the drawing

gentle but fearless guardians of human happiness - angels - has always been for us something mysterious.They are able to inspire people, despite the fact that the belief in their existence there is not all.However, if a person knows how to draw an angel, then someone, and once seen these keepers.Now we will not consider it as a step by step to create a picture, but only offer a potential artist minor tweaks that will make it easier and more beautiful picture.

First of all, before you draw an angel, you need to decide, in a horizontal or vertical position would be your list.The first option allows you to pay more attention to the wings, making them lush and beautiful.Draw them much easier than, for example, small parts such as the face elements.Therefore, if you are an aspiring artist, it is recommended to take advantage of this provision.The vertical variation of the location of the canvas is focused on what to focus on the little things, because the wings here are hidden behind.It is for those who

already have experience in the fine arts.

Among other things, before you draw an angel, it is necessary to prepare a specific material, which includes pencils, eraser, cotton swab (for shadows) and leaf.This is followed by thin strokes on canvas divided into several parts, each of which will correspond to a particular body part.It is desirable to comply with the general proportion, or harmony in your drawing will not be observed.If you can portray an ordinary person, you should start your drawing it from him.Then just need to add wings and a halo - the eternal companion of each angel.

Tool selection - also an important part of your work.In contrast to the drawing with pencil, ink or gouache are more complex materials.Before taking in their hands, is a potential painting pencil sketch as unneeded items can wipe eraser, and there is always an opportunity to correct the ugly parts.

Now consider the location of our hero on a sheet.To simplify the picture, you can draw an angel from the back.It frees us from the paper coating parts of the face.But they, unfortunately, rarely get a nice beginners artists.To avoid draws the hands and feet of our guardian, it is recommended to wear a long robe.It will hide these details.In addition, it has a hood, which can also be used to hide the face.We can not lose sight of the long hair, they have all the inhabitants of heaven, regardless of their gender.Eyes or lips can be hidden under the golden curls, which develops the windy weather.
Finally it should be added that from the beginning to the end of follow instructions telling how to draw an angel, it makes no sense, because then there will be lost your individuality.Remember that your guardian may differ significantly from the others, because any art has only one frame, and they are in the imagination of the author.