How to draw a butterfly?

This lesson will be asked how to draw a butterfly.But first need to learn the object of creativity, it is good to realize that you draw.

What should I know about butterflies?
They belong to the insect, Lepidoptera squad divided into species, a species that comes to one hundred and fifty thousand.For all life is several stages - egg, larva, pupa and adult.Butterfly spread almost all over the planet, except Antarctica, where it's cold.They feed mainly on nectar of flowers.

In Russia, the largest specimens are Saturnia pyri and sailboat Maak, the size of their wings up to fifteen centimeters.

To draw a butterfly, one must know its structure.Conventionally, the insect's body is divided into three parts:

1. Head.It is inactive, rounded shape with a flat back of the head.The eyes are faceted type of insect and the shape resembles half of a sphere.Some species have an extra pair of eyes point.On the crown butterfly antennae are located, usually strongly branched together.

2. Chest.It consists of 3 s

egments, such as the prothorax, and mesothorax metathorax.It was from her grow wings - two pairs, and foot - three pairs.Butterfly wings webbed and they have a small number of veins.

3. Abdomen.It has the shape of an elongated cylinder.In males, it is thinner than the females, and the flat sides.

butterfly How to draw a pencil?

These insects are a popular choice for drawing artists.They are excellent for honing their skills in the art.If you know of any parts of it is, you learn how to draw a butterfly, is a snap.

suggestions below will help in this tutorial, you only need to follow every step.

Step One.Chest and wing.

start to draw from the trunk, make a circle, and then from his wing.It is necessary to pay special attention to its shape.Its upper part is to be slightly curved and the bottom - with two small angles.

Step Two.The head of the second wing, legs and antennae.

now the turn of the second wing, his line has to go out of the circle as well as the first.The head is drawn in the shape of a rounded triangle on the torso and legs and antennae curved thin lines.

Step Three.Sprig segments and wings.

At this point you can add a sprig of drawing, which sits on our butterfly and add the line to be split into separate segments wings.

Step Four.Simultaneous wings.

In this tutorial, how to draw a butterfly, we are trying to get closer to the living likeness.Therefore, to drawing the wings should be treated with special care to make them look more realistic, adding a few more segments and make out the edge.

Step Five.Ends.

At the final stage, you can do by adding a pattern of shadows on the wings and on the whole picture.Jewellery can be very different, because the butterflies are all different and it all depends on personal preferences.Now that you know how to draw a butterfly.