Legal subjects

Legal subjects are participants in legal relations, which have the mutual obligations and rights.As a rule, these two sides.The witness and the investigator, the buyer and the seller - are subjects of legal relations.However, we have and multilateral cooperation.For example, every citizen is in legal relations with other entities with the state as a whole.At the same time the rest of the parties are obliged to respect human and civil rights, not to impede their implementation.

varied and numerous in the structure of legal entities can be combined into two groups.So, allocate individual and collective aspects of the interaction.Individual subjects of legal relations - is, first of all, citizens, foreign citizens, persons with dual citizenship and no citizenship at all.By collective parties should include the formation of the territorial government (city, subjects, states, districts, constituencies and other units), the population of these entities, organizations (associations, businesses, government bo

dies, etc.).These are the basic types of legal entities.

Citizens can be parties to different interactions.For example, in those or other situations, they act as subjects of labor relations, housing, property, criminal law, family and others.

opportunity to participate in one or the other is determined by the interactions of a particular feature.This feature is called "personality."This criterion is, in turn, consists of three components:

  1. legal capacity - the ability to have rights and responsibilities.
  2. legal capacity - the possibility of implementing capacity through exercising autonomy.
  3. delictual - the ability to bear for their actions legally responsible.

One of the most important properties of the legal warranty is considered her state.Thus, the relevant state authorities are obliged to provide the subjects to fully and freely exercise the rights and fulfill their responsibilities.

should be noted that the legal personality is characterized by different amounts.So, for the volume of individual subjects is based on the nationality, age, morale.For example, with sixteen comes responsibility for all crimes, fourteen - only for the most dangerous.With eighteen citizen can take part in the vote.

citizens of his state are endowed with large, compared to foreigners rights.This applies to the elections, political and other spheres of public life.

In addition, for people who suffer from mental illness, subject to certain limitations.These restrictions, in particular, the right to dispose of property, to participate in the elections and so on.On the scope of the legal personality it has to a certain extent and the impact of gender, and education of the citizen.All this indicates that the actual legal status of every citizen differently.

for territorial government units and the public juridical personality established provisions of international instruments, the Constitution and other laws.

opportunity to participate in one or the other is determined by the interaction of state bodies for their competence.Legal personality of individual entrepreneurs and organizations engaged in commercial, industrial and other activities with the appropriate state registration shall be established in accordance with legal status.