Dispose of in "Eldorado" old technology: Reviews of the program

So it turns out that the times are changing, equipment wears out, goes out of fashion.And thanks to technological advances in shopping malls and specialty stores there are more varieties of household appliances with new features and capabilities.As a result, we buy newer models of televisions, mobile phones, refrigerators and other equipment.But what to do with old, most of which has impressive dimensions and even work?There is a solution - "Total waste" in the "Eldorado".

you have old appliances?Then we go to you

Get rid of old rubbish, which for years was stored on the balconies, attics, or was taken to the country, - it sounds very tempting.Especially if, in exchange for the failed or out of fashion, you can buy new equipment at a discount.That such a proposal is written in the promotional program of a large trading network "Eldorado" - "Recycling".So, what is its essence?

program "Recycling" has been running for several years.Since its establishment, the company offers its regular and new c

ustomers to exchange electronics and appliances b / y on the new models at a discount.Its size depends on the variety of electronics, so the exchange can be up to 10 000 rubles (which is not more than 15-20% of the cost of new models of equipment).

program "Total Recycling" in "Eldorado" provides for the exchange by the principle: one piece of equipment used / y - per unit of new technology.For example, if you pass broken plasma and even CRT TV, you can buy a brand new laptop, the system unit, monitor, TV, and other items of similar categories.That's about sharing a table:

During the campaign "Eldorado" ("Disposal") removal and processing techniques is carried out within the law and complies with environmental standards.The fact that employees make a major Russian network exchanged appliances and electronics, will talk about later.

«Total disposal" in "Eldorado": conditions

action for disposal of electronic and other equipment requires certain terms and conditions of.For example, last year to replace the old equipment can be new in the period from 17 September until 11 November.Returning to the rules list the most important of them:

  1. take part in the "El Dorado" - "Recycling" - can customers since 18 years.Replacement equipment
  2. performed within product line participating in the program.
  3. «Total recycling" "Eldorado" (2014) involves the exchange of a full b / vehicles to the new, not the spare parts and accessories.
  4. not be exchanged or returned already exchanged appliances.
  5. One buyer can exchange one technique to another as many times.
  6. Recycled products are exported out of the house the buyer free of charge by the company's employees.
  7. When making art a loan discount is not available.
  8. When purchasing goods by wire transfer discount is not provided.
  9. Terms stocks may change unilaterally.
  10. For details on current action is necessary to call on the hot line: 8 (800) 555-11-11.

What do they say about the program consumers?

Since its inception, the program "Recycling" "El Dorado" has caused a strong reaction in the media and among consumers themselves.For example, some consumers were pleased that they were able to upgrade your appliances to testify.They exchanged with a surcharge televisions, refrigerators, tape recorders.Others were delighted with the unique opportunity to get rid of non-performing household appliances, gathering dust in closets, garages, balconies.Due to the action anyone could change a faulty vacuum cleaner, a microwave, a player, epilator, PC mouse, iron, kettle and others.

third did not like the small selection of promotional products, since trading network "Eldorado" (action "Recycling" in 2014) limited the number of models that can be exchanged for a fee.Fourth are delighted that with the purchase of new equipment they would not have engaged in the export of obsolete and broken equipment on their own.Instead, it is made by representatives of the trade network.And customers appreciate the free shipping.

How technology has already been available on the exchange?

Currently Promotional program of "El Dorado" was held in three stages.For the first time representatives of the network managed to get from consumers in exchange of 300 000 pieces of equipment.For the second - more than 400 000 units.During spring 2011, the company adopted a population of more than 70 000 m³ equipment.And this is neither more nor less, and corresponds to the total volume of one 12-storey house with four entrances.

Pros and cons of "total utilization»

Based on numerous reviews, the program "Recycling" "El Dorado" in 2014 has its pros and cons.Among the positive aspects of the action are the following:

  • able to replace long-outdated and broken equipment new;
  • availability of free delivery;
  • removal forces employees of large household appliances;
  • able to get a discount on the purchase of equipment to 20%;
  • unlimited number of purchases under the scheme 1x1;
  • receive additional discounts or participate in the drawing of valuable prizes (meaning additional shares on branded goods).

«Total recycling" in the "El Dorado" has a number of drawbacks:

  • not all products trading network available, included in the list of promotional products;
  • purchase of shares may be "far from new products" (referring to the new products, but not the latest models).

profitable to the network itself "Eldorado" to carry out the action?

As we have already said, "Total waste" in the "El Dorado" - a unique Promotional program that allows users to solve problems large and outdated equipment.However, many questions arise.As far as this program is the most profitable retail chain?And where, in the end, it disappears from customers technology?

Let's start with the first question.By and large, this action is not profitable company in terms of financial topics.But ... It allows you to attract the attention of customers, arrange them, and the language of marketing, "to withdraw from the competition."Thanks to the campaign "Eldorado" "Recycling" trade network makes an excellent reputation.And most importantly, it saves on advertising, using the most economical option alerts the public - "word of mouth".Where does

from users machines?

The answer to the second question: "What to do with technology?"According to preliminary data, the trading network "Eldorado" has taken care of this problem and signed an agreement with the company UKO.The company specializes mainly in the processing and recycling of household appliances.The process of recycling equipment for life is carried out as follows:

  1. all the equipment, resulting from the exchange on lorries transported to special landfills;
  2. workers unloaded and sorted (plastic, glass, metal - all included);
  3. all equipment after separation falls under the press, and turns into a kind of pellets;
  4. plastic from radio and TV sets is ground into fine crumbs;
  5. compressed and split the material is sent to the destination.

Where to use recycled material?

recycled material most often used in the construction and laying of roads.For example, plastic grit is used during production of concrete tiles (it is used for laying pavements, sidewalks).The crushed glass from the monitor are added to the concrete mortar, which is suitable for construction of foundations of houses, and for laying roads.Metal molds are to be melted.A precious metal chips are removed and sent to refineries.

Museum of obsolete equipment in the open air

Sometimes the exchange of equipment you can find quite unique things that are no longer available.Some of them even can be called a rarity.For example, a sewing machine "Tula", refrigerator "Moscow" from the '60s, the phone "Motorola" TV "Silelis" and so on. D. Therefore, the company management decided to organize an open air museum.At the same time as the exhibits were selected the most interesting and the old models of historical significance.And some of them even have already become props to popular domestic movies.

In short, the program "Recycling" "El Dorado" - this is an interesting and promising action to help the residents of our country to get rid of rubbish!