How to keep the relationship with your loved one for a long time?

Relationship - a daily and painstaking work.Work on them should be both men and women.However, due to their natural passivity of the representatives of the strong half of humanity if they do it, but only in candy buketny period to lure his "prey."After receiving it, they often relax and further development of relations ride.Therefore, how to maintain the relationship with your loved one, more women are worried.After all, they are not for nothing called "homemakers" - without them quickly extinguished the fire of love.

How to keep the relationship with your loved one?

This simple and difficult at the same time.Simple - because it seems to have two people, among whom there is love.And if there is love, then they can not leave.But this happens only in fairy tales that "they lived happily ever after."In real life, it's a wonderful feeling sometimes do not stand the test of life, time, finances, and so on. D. It is difficult - because the other person, even the most intimate and beloved, is a kind of se

parate "planet", which still remains until the endunexplored.Everyone has their own character and personality, so sometimes very difficult to build a strong relationship, despite all efforts.But women interested in how to maintain the relationship with your loved one will always find a path and loopholes to the soul of his beloved.Comes to help her female cunning and wisdom.Establish a relationship with a loved one it is possible to be sure, but the man does not even know what work is conducted against him!

How to maintain the relationship: Some ways

So, what to do to keep your union?Women just need to always be interesting, a little different and, of course, remain sexually attractive.It is impossible to achieve, if not take care of yourself.Styling, coloring, manicures, pedicures, light make-up, hair removal, neat and feminine wardrobe - without it nothing happens.Try to be a little incomprehensible to him as if out of reach.It gets very men, because the hunting instinct, though somewhere deep, but still there.However, this does not deny the presence of frank and trusting relationship - on the contrary, try to make them that way.Earn more and be the best friend to the man.Many women, when they think about how to maintain a relationship with a guy, allow the same mistake.They tied it on a short leash, not allowing to make an extra step: the endless phone calls, SMS, letters, meetings and daily questions about whether he loves her.Normal men do not like to be controlled, so this tactic will lead to the fact that he runs away to a clever, self-sufficient and interesting girl, which, apart from him, there are other interests.How to keep the relationship with your loved one?Surround your man attention, care, affection, love.Talk to him often gentle words, the interests of its business, praise, notice and thank you for everything he does for you.Line up confidence, sensual relationship, but remain separate from his personality to their interests, hobbies and outlook.