Names of old Russian girl: options and the need for

Now nobody will be surprised by the fact that the parents know the sex of their child almost in the first months of pregnancy.This allows them to prepare for a meeting with your baby more meaningful, and choose an appropriate name to it.Although experience shows that the initially selected option is often different from the final, still come up with the name in advance - a touching and interesting.The event is very responsible.It carries the name of a mark on the entire life of a person and is usually fatal.

Now fashion confidently entered the names of old Russian girls, that is, the Old Slavic.This can be judged at least by the way called daughters of many famous people in our country, pop stars, film and so on.The names of the girls (Old Russian) are so diverse that stay at any one sometimes very difficult.Before making a final choice, think carefully, it is convenient to be your kid to go through life with that name.Listen, if it is combined with the middle name and surname.

Starorusskie names o

f girls should be studied in detail.After all, each of them carries its promise, gives the owner a special character.So, these are the names that cause good, bright Association: Bogdan (girl given by God), the same means and dark, and Darin.Great name any (dear, beloved).But Milorad grow joyful and pleasant.There are such names, which are also easy to decipher: Glad Radimov, Joy.

If you want the character to your daughter was a powerful and strong, it is worth paying attention to such names of the girls old Russian: Wanda (which means "welcome", "praise"), power (from the word "sovereign of"), Vlastimir (literally "ownsworld "), Yaroslav (the one that shines with the glory).

There are also unusual old Russian female names that are quite unaccustomed ears of modern man.Nevertheless, they now find a lot of fans who want to stand out from the crowd.As an example, names such as Yesenia (meaning "clear sky"), Lada (symbolizes beauty, harmony), Helena (having divine genes) or Kupava (from the word "bouquet", "aggregate").If you decide to give preference to one of these options, consider how it will perceive the surrounding.It is not necessary to assert yourself and to someone to prove something by children.

Of course, the names of the girls - old Russian - are very common.Moms are increasingly anoint their daughters or Olesya Snezhana.The first name means "out of the woods," the second - "snow."And in Soviet times were popular options such Vera (light knows), Ludmila (literally - lovely people), Svetlana (light girl).

Parents, remember that by calling your child's rare nowadays name, you're practically playing Russian roulette.This solution can both help to achieve success, identify the child on a background of others and ruin his life.Ideally, you want to choose something neutral, an option that would be perfectly suited to man, and as a child and as an adult, as well as with and surname tuned into.Give a tradition - it is certainly good.But common sense should not leave new parents.