Why Yaroslav the Wise called the wise?

name of the great son of the Holy Prince Vladimir of Kiev, Yaroslav, is widely known not only for historians, but also simple townsfolk.During his more than thirty years reign, he made a lot of serious action for the state, for which he was nicknamed Jaroslav wise.

Early life

future Grand Duke was born in the family of Saint Vladimir.He was the second son of seniority, from childhood showed significant ability in school, but soon became involved in the political life of the country.Domineering father tried to keep his sons from the earliest long recognized the need to think on a national scale, and moreover, demanded unquestioning obedience itself.At first, the young Prince Yaroslav was appointed to Rostov, where he stayed until the death of his brother Vysheslav, after which he was appointed governor of the prince-second city in Russia - Novgorod.The prince was quite severe, as has repeatedly expressed his subordinates, and the squad, though he tried to resolve all conflicts through negotiation,

and only in extreme cases went to an open rupture.Perhaps that's why Yaroslav the Wise called wise.

beginning of the struggle for the throne

Being a prince of Novgorod, it is not without reason considered the heir to the throne of Kiev.However, Vladimir, who had the reputation among his contemporaries "uncool zhenolyubtsem" the twilight of his life became very devout, and most of all his children loved the offspring of the Byzantine Princess Anne, Boris and Gleb.The first of them, perhaps, the prince wanted to pass on his throne.But Vladimir did not realize that the other brothers also claimed the title of supreme ruler of the country, and one of them was Prince of Novgorod Yaroslav.In 1014 the father-son conflict erupted.Vladimir even going to go to war against the rebellious son, but in the midst of preparing a campaign Baptist Russia died.Immediately thereafter, the state began to break away from the major part - It always happens when the weakened central authority.The situation was aggravated by the fact that the power in the state seized the adopted son of Vladimir - Svyatopolk.

path to power

stepson did not want to lose power from the hands and decided to deal with their competitors.The first pass cousin got two brothers, Vladimir favorite - Gleb and Boris.Both did not want to join the fight for the throne, for which they left the squad.In 1015 near Kiev Prince Boris was killed, and soon the same fate befell the Prince Gleb of Murom, on the orders of his Svyatopolk killed his own cook.He also killed another son, Vladimir I, Svyatoslav, who was killed had sent Prince conspirators.And here in the open struggle enters the Novgorod Prince Yaroslav.Even at the time of preparation of the response to the threat of his father he sought the assistance of the Varangians, by which and organized his army.Svyatopolk, in turn, enlisted the help of the nomadic Pechenegs, who have repeatedly made devastating raids on Russia, and thus further alienated the people.In this struggle Jaroslav appeared the personification of centripetal forces, which is why Yaroslav the Wise called wise.

Jaroslav head of state

two warring parties met in 1016 near the town of Liubech.At the beginning of the battle the army of Svatopluk was completely destroyed, and he ran for help to his father in law, the Polish king.Along with the troop, he returned to Russia.At the same time the Poles behaved as invaders than cause rapid discontent of the population.Fighting continued.Using the popular mood, Yaroslav defeated second cousin.However, immediately restore the former single state was not immediately apparent.Mstislav did not want to submit to the authority of Kiev, and between the brothers in 1024 took a major battle.It Kievan prince was defeated, but he did not fight with my brother again, but only signed a contract with him, according to which the brothers shared their possessions, but reflect enemy attacks together and help each other in different situations.That is why contemporaries named after Yaroslav the Wise.After the death of Mstislav all its lands were annexed to Kiev.

Jaroslav legislator

becoming a single ruler of Russia, Yaroslav directed all its efforts on strengthening.One of the major actions of the new governor was bringing order to the country.To do this it was necessary to create a legal system, for which he took with uncommon energy Yaroslav.Already at the beginning of his reign he enacted a set of laws, known as the "Russian Truth".This legal monument of ancient Russia was the first written collection of the laws of the country.Rates adjusted, primarily public order, protect the property.In addition, it was banned blood feud.Inflicts significant damage to the country, now it is only permitted close relatives or replaced by a fine.That's why Yaroslav the Wise called wise.

The more famous Prince of Kiev?

name of Yaroslav the Wise know that he intermarried with many European ruling dynasties.His daughters became the wives of the kings of France, Norway, Hungary, Denmark, the sons married princesses from the Byzantine Empire, Germany and Poland.This considerably strengthened the position of the prince of the dynasty and the state.Just before his death, he bequeathed it to the Grand Duke of Russia should become a senior in age.This ancient family tradition in the future will be one of the causes of devastating civil strife.In the meantime, the Prince enjoyed national fame, in fact, that's why Yaroslav the Wise called wise.