"The Motherland Calls" - a poster calling for struggle against the invaders

Agitation and propaganda for the Soviet society played an important role.They allowed the state to own the minds of the people to influence their minds.And these phenomena are expressed in numerous posters on different sides of life.Many of them gained great fame.In particular, "The Motherland Calls".Poster appeared as a reaction to the beginning of the most devastating and brutal war for our country.

agitation as a means of influencing public consciousness

As already mentioned, the posters were a clear means of transmission of impulses from the power supply.Why posters?The fact is that visual image, especially accompanied by test labels that have a direct and necessary effect on people.The absence of television transforms these visual aids in a powerful tool of indoctrination of people.They were all themed and point working on the necessary aspects of life.One such striking and impressive phenomenon has become the poster "The Motherland Calls".Photos of this call can be seen today on the Internet

, as well as in museums, which stores copies of the poster and the original itself.It reflects one of the most important events of the country of the Soviets, and perhaps the most important thing.It was the implacable resistance of all the people of a great country dastardly invaders from Germany and the countries that support it.He appeared in the first volleys of guns and exploding bombs in the USSR, in July have been published in millions of copies and was placed on the collection stations troops in crowded places."The Motherland Calls" - poster, the degree of influence comparable to other iconic product of the period of the Second World War - the song "Holy War»

idea of ​​the artist

story of this piece of Soviet propaganda is very interesting.The author of the poster "The Motherland Calls" - a famous Soviet artist of Georgian origin Irakli Toidze, the day the German attack on the Soviet Union he was working in his studio, when his peace was disturbed ransacked with a desperate look on his face and his wife.It is with sincere sorrow and dismay told her husband about the beginning of the war.Irakli Moiseevich as a true artist in the face of his wife noticed a genuine grief, suffering and decided without delay, to capture the moment.His wife Tamara at first did not understand what her husband asks her to stand in a position to write this opinion, as a concentrated fear and feelings of all mothers of the country for the fate of their children.So the artist grasped the concept of his creation, and embodied in the form of a call to "The Motherland Calls".Poster immediately got its name, and to all, young and old, it was clear as called this woman with a piercing gaze and emotional gestures.

"Soldier Icon"

idea and he liked the draft the country's leadership.They are well aware of the need to encourage people to give it unity in the face of such a threat.He played a role and Irakli Toidze considerable prestige among the party elite.He was an acknowledged master, as evidenced by numerous state awards.Author long I thought put into the hand of the woman, and decided to throw up a hand upward to symbolize the call itself.In her right hand she holds the words of the oath of allegiance, thus emphasized that people gave an oath not to the state, namely the motherland, which is simply impossible to deliver.Hundreds bayonets Watchers mother personified millions of defenders of the Motherland, ready to embark on her behalf by her first call.June 27 work on the poster was completed, and he entered the printing house.He immediately sold several million copies.But constantly to print out for all the wars.Soldiers killed in battle and uttered the mantra "The Motherland Calls".The poster was a kind of symbol of the era of terrible forties.

Unforgettable Stalingrad

Volgograd - the city that survived during the war, perhaps the most tragic moments throughout its history.It is here played out many months of bloody battles of the German and Soviet troops.To perpetuate the memory of all the defenders of the city, at the end of the war it was decided to build a monument in the city, which would be its appearance reminded the new generations of people about the terrible events of that war.Throughout the Soviet Union was a competition to create a monument.The address of the selection committee received hundreds of thousands of pictures, but all of them, for whatever reasons, were rejected.The Commission could not determine the basic concept of sculpture.And then there was the sketch of the famous Soviet artist and sculptor Eugene Vucetic.The idea is very pleased the government, and was given the nod to start work on the construction of the monument.Specially designed by Mamayev Kurgan was made a mound as tall as a five-story building.Inside it were located dumping defenders.

symbol of the struggle against fascism

The second stage was the production of the statue itself.Eugene was not to the liking of models Moscow.So a few months the work was finally in Volgograd found a woman who took a fancy architect.With her and was made a sculpture.The name of this woman - Valentine Izotov - forever entered the history.For many years there was hard work.And then came 1967.Residents of the city were able to see this wonderful creation.For him, as for the famous poster Toidze, stuck the name "The Motherland Calls".The statue is located at the highest point of the city, its height is 85 meters.Twice since opening it restored.It impresses the bitterness of loss, but at the same time and the triumph over the defeated enemy, but a sword as if talking about the inevitability of punishment of all the enemies of our country.