Civil rights

Many countries nowadays believe that the civil rights of a person - is the supreme value.

Freedom - this is what is necessary for the realization of the individual.Public authorities should be aware that human rights should be above all other laws.

civil rights - the rights of certain specific groups that embody the freedom of each person individually.They protect people against lawlessness and arbitrariness.

Civil rights protect a person as an individual, which are unique and distinctive features.

Classification of Human Rights:

1) for the use of individual freedom.

2) to enjoy the benefits.

3) protection of benefits.

Everyone has the opportunity to appeal to international bodies to protect their rights.

civil rights

If we consider the good of individual freedom as a criterion for classification, then select the rights of such groups:

- to life, to honor, to dignity, to ensure the sanctity of life;

- freedom of movement throughout the country, the choice of place of residence.These righ

ts provide personal freedom, choice of action;

- to be free from abuse, brutality, to be protected from punishment.These rights ensure the security of the person;

- the protection of life, freedom of thought, religion, conscience, the right to inviolability of the home, the right to secrecy of telephone conversations, the right to protection of the family.These rights provide protection for private and family life;

- equality before the court and the law, the right to protection of law, gender equality, the right to citizenship.Provides the ability to recognize a person subject to the law, the guarantees of equality.

There is another group, which includes the right conditions for the employees and the protection of human resources.They are often referred to as civil rights, because they serve to protect individuals and their qualities.These include the right to a fair trial, and convict the accused, the victim of a crime.

Below are listed and explained the basic human rights.They are numerous.

right to life

Every State has the duty to protect the lives of people from different kinds of attacks.This right, which can not take anybody.

Life - a valuable asset to the community.From a legal point of view, you can take the life of a person only by a court.But now in many countries, the death penalty is prohibited.It was replaced by life imprisonment.

right to dignity, honor and name

right of each name is.Everyone has the opportunity to ask others to be called by name, surname, patronymic.Get the name at birth should all people.

right to security and freedom.Human dignity

right to liberty and security of person - this is the most important human rights.The arrest can be made only on the basis of a court decision or sanction of the prosecutor.

man can not torture, ill-treated, humiliated, put experiences of the person.

right to freedom of conscience

Constitution of any civilized nations proclaim freedom of conscience.

right to create its own family and its protection

Men and women reach a certain age, have the right to enter freely into marriage and to found a family.Spouses have equal rights in the family.

Parents are obliged to care for their children, their health and development.We can not resort to ill-treatment.

Young people have the right to participate in the development of politics, culture, economy.

right to inviolability of the home

entrance to the housing is possible only with the permission of the owner.

absolute right to equality before the law in force

Before the law all are equal, there is no infringement of the rights should not be.Race, sex, nationality, language, origin, official or property status - infringement of the people on these grounds is unacceptable.