Working on yourself: how to stop drinking alcohol alone

¬ęTomorrow I'll throw a drink" - you utter to yourself or out loud, pour into a glass "salutary drink" ... and of course, the situation has not changed either tomorrow or after tomorrow, not ever.

alcoholism problem exists throughout the world, but in Russia it is most acute.In addition to personal problems, our citizens are constantly fall down the economic and social crisis, we are intimidated, we constantly are told how dangerous and terrible to live.Gradually forming in my mind the picture of the world (in fact, false) and drinking from time to time to relax (again - false), the person walks quickly to the disease called alcoholism.

Those who consider themselves intelligent drinking (on holidays, weekends, after a particularly momentous events which, if count is not so little) and not interested in how to stop drinking alcohol on their own, we can confidently say:everything, absolutely everything alcoholics were once "drinking intelligently."Nobody wanted to go down to such a state - of them cho

se a fiery drink.

If you intend to give up alcohol slowly, it is unlikely that you have something happen.Remember, if you are wondering how to stop drinking alcohol on their own, the first and foremost thing you need to do is collect all the bottles of poison your life drink and pour the contents into the sink.In your home should not remain a single drop of alcohol.

Surely you drink in the company.As much as it may sound rude, but to hell with such companies!Find any excuse to make more with these people not to meet.Just imagine: you're going together to together to make another huge step towards the rapid and terrible disease and death.And all this with jokes, humor and songs.But all this is not very much fun, right?And if in your mind there was the thought, "How to stop drinking alcohol by yourself?", You're already on the right track, you have already begun to separate themselves from the company.

refuse alcohol, like any other habit, it is very difficult.Every time you feel the need for a new dose of alcohol, begin to do exercise that you are tough.Push-ups, pull-ups, or anything else.Do you think this is meaningless?But you did not try!Sport - the best anti-depressant and replacing hundred psychologists.

addition to these sudden attacks of sports activities, make it a rule to do exercises every morning.In addition, experts advise make rubbing cold water.

And as a woman to stop drinking?The weaker sex is given harder than men.The strongest incentive is only one - the children.Future or those already born.You do not want your child raised in an orphanage?This will happen if you are only interested in how to stop drinking alcohol on their own, but no attempt is made to do so.

On weekends, do not need to stay at home.In the four walls you will be more difficult to cope with the temptation to go to the store for a bottle.Select the countryside.It is advisable alone.Do not be distracted by listening to music or something else.Listen to nature and themselves.You'd be surprised how beautiful the world.You will realize that it is pointless to be afraid.You realize, finally, that a world without alcohol are much more beautiful than him.