I can not find a job.

in our world is not the last role played by money.And no matter how much said that they are not happy, still better when they eat.That is why even the most lazy person, sooner or later begins to think about what would have to get a job.Looking for work often begin the same way: written summaries and selected companies with which people would like to cooperate.But sometimes it does not work, and he begins to think: "I can not find a job."What should I do in this case?

Sign up for the state labor exchange

first (and most important) - no need to become despondent and even more panic.It is better to use this time to good use and not to be completely broke, we advise you to register on the public labor exchange.There you will be billed for unemployment benefits, which will help to make ends meet, while you're passionate about finding a job.And, by the way, she Exchange helps you answer the question of where to find a job.

reasons for failure

When the first stage is made, it's time to think abo

ut why your job search lead to failure.Here are some tips that may be useful for you:

1. Re-read your resume - perhaps it is wrong or wrong is made.If a dumb question: "I can not find a job, what to do?" Spinning in your head is not the first month, and sent out your resume does not come responses, then perhaps it's not evil employers, namely you.Therefore we advise you to re-read summaries, check its consistency, literacy (preferably get rid of "the Word"), and even the presence of a photo.

2. Think about where you can go with your education and profession.Read the ads - this will not only help to find a job on the employer, but also to assess the requirements for candidates.Perhaps, to achieve the goal you are missing, for example, knowledge of English or other foreign language?Or your language level ostalyayut much to be desired?Or maybe, you should learn a little work in some specialized program?Perhaps this will help you get rid of the obsessive thought: "I can not find a job, what to do?»

3. Remember that any time you can get feedback on your resume.And get ready for the fact that the interview may be given to the most unexpected for you.Therefore, prepare yourself in advance for such a situation - brush up on your job questions, mentally rehearse the upcoming conversation.Just do not start their appearance.No matter what century we live, and saying "Meet on clothes" is still relevant.

Now you know what to do for your job search successful.And remember the main thing: the failure of temper.So try not to lose heart, that employers have not noticed your despair.After all, it will affect them depressing.And who wants to see his company's employee who is not able to deal with difficulties?If you follow the above items in your search, then sooner or later will be able to laugh at that thought: "I can not find a job, what to do?»