Ancient Egyptian temple - the pearl of ancient civilizations

Civilization of Ancient Egypt left behind monumental structures extant.The pyramids, the gigantic sculpture, Egyptian temples - Photos of all these legacies know probably every modern man on the planet.The very appearance of these grandiose constructions obliged not only the technical capabilities of the ancient people, their architectural art, but also the development of religious and mythological views.Moreover, the Egyptians deified and their own rulers.The Pharaohs were considered the heirs and messengers of the gods.Ancient Egyptian temples, set in recognition of the sovereigns of different years, at one time filled the entire country.About some of the most well-known of these structures will be discussed in this article.

Egyptian temple of Pharaoh Ramses

Today, he stands under the scorching southern sun.The Sanctuary is located to the north-west from another temple, delivered in honor of Seti I. By the way, not far from this sanctuary was once located another Egyptian temple put Ramses II.Howe

ver, the latter has not survived to the present day.Now there are only ruins can be found millennia.Egyptian Temple of Ramses II inside generously strewn with drawings and hieroglyphs, located throughout the area of ​​its walls.Together they form a kind of intricate pattern.It is owing to these inscriptions modern scientists became aware of the grand battle with the Egyptians, Hittites at Cadete, in which the 20-thousand army led by Ramses withstood twice the superior forces of the king of the Hittites Mutavali.Masonry of this building is not fully preserved, and only two meters in height.However, the scheme is quite large courtyard still be traced.It is surrounded by a colonnade of pillars and the figures of Osiris.Besides the courtyard, the Egyptian temple has two halls and a variety of auxiliary rooms.It seems that today is left, the building was the most carefully constructed and luxurious than any other building in the entire reign of Ramses II (1279-1213 BC).Building material for the sanctuary served as a small limestone and red and black granite for the doorways.And also for the sandstone pillars and plaster, from which it was created interior walls.

Karnak Temple

This building today is the largest structure in the world for religious purposes.The sanctuary is one of the most ancient Egyptian structures.It was built in honor of the moon god Khonsu, was depicted as a figure of the mummified baby, sometimes having the head of a falcon.During his appearance, it was located in the administrative capital of the state.Its construction began during the reign of Amenhotep III, but was only completed XX dynasty pharaohs.

Egyptian temple of Hatshepsut

It was erected in honor of Queen Hatshepsut near the town of Thebes.In ancient times it was amazingly beautiful, decorated with lots of terraces temple.In part, he crashed into a mountain.Its width is almost forty meters.Rows colonnades sanctuary are somewhat similar to a honeycomb.Interestingly, this structure was built in a fairly quick time in the nine years (1482 BC - 1473 BC).