Types of lamps and lamp base types

In order not to be mistaken with a choice of lamps should be familiar with the basic types of caps.This element of the lamp which is screwed or inserted into the cartridge, thereby providing a single bulb connection with the general electronic circuit.Most often found in the sale of metal caps, a little less - ceramics.Inside them are components of the lamp in the form of filaments and electrodes.Contacts are located outside of the bulb.Types of caps bulbs modified over time.

What you need to know when choosing a lamp

From experience we know that the type of lamp base should be specified in advance, as set out only in the light bulb with a suitable for a certain type of cartridge cap.The most important points that must be understood before choosing a lamp:

  • type of cap;
  • voltage in a room where there will be light;
  • permissible lamp power for a particular fixture;
  • dimensions of the lamp relative to the size of the selected lamp;
  • lamp wiring diagram.

Industry produces several kinds of caps, a

s well as a number of subspecies.The main types of lamp base - and is threaded pin.The most common threaded fasteners, they are accustomed to use, they are also called screw.The pins are found in so-called halogen lamps, is fixed in the plane of the suspended ceilings.

cap designation contain certain encoding of the letter:

  • E - Edison screw cap;
  • G - pin socket type;
  • K - Cable;
  • B - bayonet, ie the bayonet;
  • P - focusing;
  • S - for soffit mounting;
  • R - mount with recessed contacts;
  • T - telephone socket;
  • W - lamp without cap.

marking also includes a number for the size of the basement and the gap between the contacts, for example - E14 or G13.Small letters indicate the number of contacts (connecting plates):

  • s - one contact;
  • d - two contacts;
  • t - three contacts;
  • q - four pins;
  • p - five contacts.

types of caps bulbs are standardized, their descriptions are traditionally found in a guest.

Cap Edison

So, what is the Edison screw base?It is the oldest form of the lamp attachment invented by scientists.Such a cap is easy to use as possible, most often it is used in household appliances.Indicate that type of letter Exx, where xx - is the size of the diameter in millimeters.The dimensions of this type of caps vary:

  • GES - large;
  • ES - average;
  • MES - miniature;
  • SES - mignon (small cap);
  • LES - mikrotsokol.

type lamp base E27 and E14

In everyday life, this common type of cap called a "minion", often used in miniature and standard incandescent lamps.The scope of these lamps is very wide.Lamps are known pear are in the form of suppositories, drop-shaped, spherical, mirrored.

type lamp cap E27 - this is the most well-known, common and popular type of product, the authorship belongs to Edison.However, this cap has not only the usual incandescent lamps.Modern industry produces with him also other kinds of lamps, including:

  • fluorescent energy saving lamp of compact type;
  • halogen incandescent lamp;
  • discharge.

types of caps are also fluorescent lamps and threaded pin.Important!Fluorescent lamps with E27 and E14 do not work in electrical circuits containing dimmers and electronic switches.Other types of light bulbs, consider caps on.

Pin (type G)

This type of cap means whip system in the place of contact with the lamp holder.In such lamps when two contacts numeric code indicates the distance therebetween.If the number of contacts more - the numeric designation concerns diameter of the circle in which they are directly.Capital letters indicate here belong lamps to certain modifications.However, products are not interchangeable, in addition, sometimes there are several combinations of such caps each other - then the very beginning of the digital code is the number of designations, such as "2".

Base G4

This kind of attachment is designed specifically for miniature halogen lamps that are used to create the maximum decorative effect in the premises at the expense of a bright point of light coming from different parts of the ceiling.Halogen lamps are most often low voltage and are suitable for voltage of 12 or 24 volts.These lamps are very convenient to have the outside of the flat shape and fairly well look on the ceiling with integrated lighting fixtures, as well as flexible lighting systems.These practical products can last more than 2000 hours.Today the lamp with G4 socket commonly used in crystal chandeliers with crystals.

Socles G5, G13, GU1, R

This type is used in fluorescent lamps in the shape of the pipe, with a diameter of 16 millimeters bulb.The tone of the emitted light such lamps may be high as a warm white or cold day.The light output of these lamps is high and energy consumption, on the contrary, is quite modest.

Socket G13 - a very common option for residential recessed lighting, as well as the type of GU1.For lamps with mounting characteristic thickening at the end of the contacts, which allows rotary connection with cartridges.

plinth with recessed contact «R» - the best option for small and quartz halogen lamps and high-intensity lighting, which are based on the functioning of the system of alternating current.The designation of the cap figures show the whole length of the lamp.

Bayonet cap B (bayonet)

This kind of improvement was the result of a classic Edison design to maximize speed up the time it takes to change a light bulb.In addition, the progress constantly "reduced" the size of bulbs themselves.

Base R7s

This type is equipped with a pair of circular side pins for fastening in the slot corresponding to the cartridge.Fixing the lamp in this case requires scrolling quarter turn.The outer diameter specified in millimeters, for example - B9s.

These caps are often used in automotive lamps and watercraft to create near-high beam or - asymmetrical side-mount contacts hold the lamp holder to the desired angle, which allows you to focus the light beam depending on the respective needs.

The products imported - British, Canadian light bulbs - the figures often do not indicate their encrypted in the form of letter abbreviations.For example, a bayonet base - is BC (Bayonet Cap) = B22d = 2SH22 our embodiment.

soffit base S and P focusing

Externally, the product is similar to the usual fuse glass - on both sides of the cap are arranged contacts.Damage outside the figure shows the value of the outer diameter of the body in millimeters.Lamps with such caps are often used inside the car, and to highlight the number plates on the cars.

Focusing cap "P" is for a complete set of navigation lights, film projectors and floodlights in various sizes, as well as household flashlights.This mechanism is based on the possibility of orienting the beam in different directions and the direction of the light flux through appropriate collection lens.Damage to the base code is usually refers to the size of the diameter of the focusing of the flange or the part that helps to maintain the lamp in a horizontal position.Cap P20d specially designed to fit the head light bulbs in cars.Telephone socket "T" is used in small light bulbs in the console and mimics.

Socles for LED-lamps

types of caps LED lamps: LED GU10, JDR E14, LED GU5.3, JDR E27, PAR30, PAR38, MR11, T5, T8 and others.LEDs do not heat up much, so they are used where other types simply will not do for reasons of temperature surfaces.

the whole modern industry produces and innovative types of lamp base, for example, projection or xenon lamps.Speaking of the commutator tubes, the Western countries have long used products with the least overall caps T4,5 and T6,8 not.The newest, type W at all in contact with the cartridge through the current entries, which are based directly on the glass bulb.

types of lighting the lamp base is constantly being improved.At present, there is a tendency to replace incandescent semiconductor products of similar size.The advantage of such semiconductor lamps that more simplistically called LEDs, is more economical consumption of electric energy, while in terms of brightness of these lamps in many ways superior to its counterparts.It should also be noted that the types of caps LED lamps have some differences from all other species.