The speed of the aircraft

There is a certain circle of people who are addicted to aviation.But some are just interested in the planes at all.Even for someone more interesting is the speed of the aircraft.But before you determine this value, you must know that such speed is divided by the true, and travel instrument.

When viewed individually, each of the types of speeds, the instrument (or a display or the IAS) is called "broad arrow on the speed."In the past, used by pilots when flying scarves.With their help it determines the speed based on how much the scarf develops during flight in the air stream which flowed around the open cab.

Undoubtedly, no numerical value of such measuring device could not give, and if necessary, this was not.Much more important is considered the definition of power and the air flow, can I rely on it, thus eliminating the risk of falling into a tailspin.

This unit later became known as the aircraft airspeed or velocity head.At the present time it is determined by the tube derived for the plane.Ai

rflow which it gets, rejects the arrow of the device itself, thus showing the airspeed.

Also worth considering that when picked up to a height gradually decreasing the density of the air, and in near space, the figure is zero.Therefore it is important to know that, in the process maintaining climb a certain instrument (constant!) Speed ​​at certain altitudes, the aircraft's speed can be almost doubled.

The indicator device will remain unchanged, because at the height of the molecules is much smaller, which means that there is a smaller number of them falls in comparison to how many of them there are just above the ground.It turns out that there are two speed of the aircraft - and the real instrument.

Unlike instrument, true (it is called "speed up the narrow arrow") is not used in the piloting, and mainly for navigation.This is due to the fact that when there is no wind - no problem, but if it exists - the speed of the aircraft will be changed in some way (either decrease or increase).

ground speed previously calculated by dividing the distance, which was held aircraft at a time.But the emergence of new Doppler inertial systems and GPS enabled to determine the value of different methods, each with its uniqueness.

Just before takeoff, each aircraft has zero velocity.But the speed of the aircraft during take-off each type of transport has its own.And it depends on certain conditions: takeoff weight, temperature, altitude airfield above sea level and some other.

For heavy civilian aircraft have an index in the range of 200 to 250 km / h, average - from 150 to 180, and the fighting - between 250 and 300 km / h.But from year to year on these new types of aircraft speed reduced due to the fact that the constantly improving the design of certain elements of the vehicle (engine power, mechanization of the wing).

speed record was set in 2007.This value is according to the latest data of 300 km / h.A maximum speed of the aircraft can now reaches over 850 km / h.In this take-off speed should not be less than 150 km / h.

passenger plane to fly should get up to speed 300 km / h.From this it follows that the indicator of the average speed for air transport should be about 200 km / h.

Today there is a such an aircraft, the name of which - supersonic.Its distinguishing feature is that the speed of the vehicle in the air exceeds the speed of sound.