Congratulations calico wedding

Wedding - a special holiday, the birth of a new family and, therefore, traditionally celebrated every year.If the date of the round, then the celebration usually invite a lot of people, in other cases, the day of the wedding is celebrated in a narrow range, or even two.Every anniversary has its own name.For example, a wedding day is called a green wedding, and a year later the couple received congratulations on calico wedding.Sometimes called the gauze.

is the ancient name associated with certain traditions.The first year in the life of a young family is the most difficult, it can be said that this is a trial period for the young, during the formation of a new family.This year the couple has just lapped characters get to know each other and not all couples can live this year without tears and quarrels.

Ogonek family hearth just erupted and is still very weak, so even small problems can destroy a young family.To the family hearth is not extinguished, the couple must learn to yield to each other, s

upport each other in difficult situations.

Perhaps not everyone knows what should be congratulations calico wedding and went from the name?The first anniversary of marriage compared with chintz apparently because chintz - fabric is thin and very fragile, as well as relations between the spouses.The first wedding anniversary is called a calico also because the relationship between the young not only shaky and fragile, but also passionate, because feelings are still hot and full of bright colors, like cotton.Therefore, since ancient times was made to give the young in this day of good advice to strengthen and preserve the family passionate relationship for years to come.

Wedding Anniversary - a holiday more cheerful than the lush, so congratulations are not only wise, but also humorous.Serious and funny greetings calico wedding can be written on a card or piece of paper, and even send SMS.

Traditionally, calico wedding opened a bottle of champagne, which is specifically for that purpose from the date of the wedding left.To have survived, and other traditions and customs associated with this day, for example, the exchange of spouses handkerchiefs.At donated scarves husband and wife to tie knots and swore loyalty to each other and love.Then handkerchiefs hidden in a secluded place and kept there until the end of days and if everything was done correctly, it was believed that the family is friendly and happy.And in the old days the young wife was a married gate embroider shirts and myself - sundress, where she had to meet the guests and receive congratulations from the calico wedding.The young wife had to walk with that thing all day until the evening.

the celebration is usually called the parents, relatives and best friends, who were preparing not only for young calico wedding congratulations, but also gifts.Usually newlyweds give this day cotton or linen.But you can give and linen tablecloth, curtains or towels.In Russia, the wife usually gave cotton dress, and her husband - calico pants or shirt.This was a hint that the relationship between them is now becoming humdrum - chintz.

If the first anniversary - is the birthday of the family, the twenty-first - its age.At the wedding, I decided to give opal jewelry with this stone, and even made the day not to make a great holiday, but on the contrary - to retire, so congratulations to the 21 anniversary of the wedding the couple are typically prepared either by phone or by mail.During this period, children have grown up, leave home and start doing independent steps in life, to find our own way.

Thus opal wedding - a new milestone achieved by the spouses and it may very well be that in this period love flare up with renewed vigor.