Metaphor - examples and images

Every day, every person says a few hundred words.We are different people varies depending on education, erudition, the situation of communication, trade, and even the mood.Colourful, juicy words unconsciously attract our attention.It is because we are such virtuosos shaped conversational and full of metaphors.In simple words, a metaphor can be described as a change of the word or expression, the transfer of meaning of a word to another event or object.This language property is actively used in speech, sometimes we do not even notice that they had used a particular expression in a figurative sense.What can be so "worn out" metaphor?Examples are quite obvious: the leg of a chair, nail-head, a bitter disappointment, the bottle neck, foot of the mountain.In these expressions, figurative meaning has been lost.

Fiction - entirely metaphorical.Examples from the literature, especially poetry, the most extensive and interesting.Naturally gifted poets do not simply insert metaphorical word, and consistently dev

elop the image or complicate its two contrasting metaphors.

«Bitter Honey me your words" Blok.

«I want dagger words" Balmont.

Tiutchev, using personification and metaphor, the winter is in the form of an evil and angry woman: "Winter wonder ... angry."

Not only Russian poets tend to resort to such methods of revival of poetry as metaphor.Examples of English poetry.Shakespeare, for example, compared the eyes of the woman with twinkling stars and Burns wrote a seething, raging blood.

English Romantic Wordsworth draws amazing parallels between human and nature.He compares the daisy, "a nun with a modest, downcast eyes," then a "queen, hung with a crown of rubies."

In literary criticism there is a term of copyright or individual metaphor.Examples of such transfer perfectly illustrate the linguistic flair and particular penetration into the living world of the poet Sergei Yesenin people.That is why it is so difficult to translate Russian authors into European languages.Metaphors Esenina are truly unique: the snow is compared to silver, crying a blizzard reminds him lingering melodies of gypsy violins, copper-colored autumn leaves, cherries overfly color associated with the cold snow.

no coincidence that in the works of Russian poets metaphor was particularly strong development.The relationship with poets society and the authorities in Russia were always complicated.It's one of the reasons by which we enjoy the beauty of the intricate and sophisticated image of poetry.Joseph Brodsky through his lyrics carried the motion to death through a series of sufferings and expressed this unique metaphor about the plains and hills."Death - it's just plain life - the hills, the hills."

No less koloristichen and Russian folklore, especially abusive (obscene) metaphor.Examples advisable lead from folklore, as Russian obscenities in the examples do not need.

Fate comes, will bring the legs and the hands will tie.It is beating like a fish on the ice.

People poetics precisely marks a brief moment of female youth that "Falcon" flies, "Nightingale" whistled "black raven" croaks.

can confidently say that the metaphor - are examples and confirmation of a deep poetry of the Russian language and its subtle connection with all things of the world.