How to choose a beautiful and unusual name for a girl

Many young couples after they become aware that their family will soon appear replenishment, first think about how the name his long-awaited child.Sex baby is now possible to know, starting with the 16th week.And though it is half the task easier, yet some moms and dads can not agree on the final choice of the name.It wants to make it sound nice.So often parents come up with a rather exotic name.Girl it should provide increased attention from others (especially on the part of the stronger sex), and the boy - let stand out from the gray crowd and express their individuality.The main thing in this case - do not overdo it with the exotic, or a child's life will be permanently associated with this problem.So how do you choose an unusual name for a girl?In this article we will talk about the most euphonious options, as well as give some useful advice.

Top Baby Names for Girls

For younger the female in addition to the unusual name must necessarily manifest beauty.We recommend to pay attention to the follo

wing options: Beatrice Aurora, Eva, Joan, Gloria, Zemfira, Henrietta, Georgina, gonna, Venus, Juliet Magdalene, Thea, Glafira, Diana, Agatha, Snezana, Muse.Each of these names peculiar, and not every mother would dare to choose one of them.Nevertheless, they differ special beauty, and for the girls it is very, very important.

name value and its influence on the character of

choosing an unusual name for a girl, it is necessary to ask what it means, what is the history of its origin.Some varieties, despite the beauty of the sound, the story of the origin is not very pleasant.Therefore, you should find out who was well-known personalities of his carrier.

In numerology, it is considered that each letter of the name has a certain influence on the formation of character, and very often this theory is confirmed in practice.For example, Mathilde translates as "Dangerous Beauty."This is an unusual name for a girl has German roots, and the nature of such a person will be, respectively, the Nordic - strong, firm and courageous.This girl eventually become a very ambitious, balanced and strong-willed woman who would not mind to use when communicating commanding tone.But Isabella (which means "honor God"), on the contrary, gives the impression of something sensual, impulsive and mobile.This name Spanish roots, and its owner is peculiar temperament and depth of feeling, which are combined with an energetic character, ability to work and self-esteem.

combination with the name and patronymic

choosing what to call the girl in 2013, many of the daughters called after their grandmothers and great-grandmothers and in that there is one undeniable advantage over foreign options.The fact that foreign "exotic" is not always successfully combined with Russian patronymic.Take, for example, the name of Charlotte.It translates it as "courageous, royal" and gives an energetic and purposeful character, combined with a pronounced femininity and attractiveness.You can compare the sound of Charlotte Bronte (English novelist and poet) and Charlotte Ivanovna.Comments are superfluous.In this case, more suitable old Russian name: Agatha, Aglaia, Golden, Parliament, Darin, Harmony, Beauty, Lyubava, Yaroslav, Ulyana, Seraphim, Arina.

If you still doubt, and an unusual name for a girl and not selected, you can see the statistics registrar.It is available to everyone, and this statistic is easy to find on the Internet.There's the most unusual names are grouped by age and, possibly, some of them will help you make the final choice.