How to make an arrow for the bow yourself?

Archery was circulated widely since time immemorial, is a tool used during the hunting of animals and in self-defense or to attack.With it, for many centuries, people could get food, because this method to hit the target from a distance is the most effective.Now to the archery shown interest in sports - this activity allows you to sharpen visual concentration, memory and creativity to develop data.Accessories that can be purchased at sporting goods stores, but they can also be run independently, having some skill in carpentry.For example, knowing how to make arrows for the bow, you can prepare adaptations to hit a target in large numbers.

little history

believed that the bow and arrow appeared before our era - these devices often find in various archaeological excavations.Moreover, their use was widespread.About how to make a bow and arrow for the device itself, known and eastern craftsmen, and Europeans and Slavs.Moreover, at different times using different materials and processing techniques.

in Egypt in the period from 10th to 13th century, great strides have been made in the manufacture of this type of weapon - made such a strong and thin arrows that they could pierce armor.Tip shape was varied - tapered, spherical, dull, and others.Egyptians also knew how to make an arrow to the bow, which can be used as a psychological attack: a whistle device took the device, it stuns and frightened enemies.

device and types of arrows

form of adaptation has changed little over time.There are conventional elements that make up the boom.This shaft (central part), feathers, tail part and tip.Depending on what materials to perform basic element, the following types of arrows:

  • wood and plastic.They are used mainly for sports as a hobby.
  • aluminum arrows.This type is designed for professional shooting at close distances.
  • Carbon arrows for the bow.They are also used in professional sports with the defeat targets at long range.

Making arrows

Run this element alone can be made of wood (birch, beech, oak, pine and others).Before you make an arrow to the bow, a good idea to stock up on such instruments:

  • saw and planer;
  • rasp and file;
  • sandpaper (grain 60-80).

Boom length chosen for each person individually, it is determined by placing the hands in a position similar to stringing his bow.This must be one arm bent at the elbow at a right angle, and the other - is stretched.Fingers should simulate the real situation with the shooting.To determine the size of the arrows, you need to measure the distance between the right and left hands and add 1 cm.

To perform self-made arrows for the bow, it is recommended to use a bead.The manufacturing process is described in the following paragraphs:

  1. Make the round shape of the bead detail with the help of the planer of the above instruments.Elements from one end to be treated so as to receive connectors to the bowstring.
  2. Make the tip of the nail can be, taking off his hat, and nailed to one end of the piece.Also, you can cut it with a steel tool for cutting metal.The tip must be set to a stele with an adhesive.
  3. Plumage can be made of paper and two kinds of adhesive tape (normal and aluminum).To do so, make a preform of the three materials (15 cm × 2 cm) and glue layers.From the prepared raw cut tail (10 × 2) and mounted on the boom, before reaching the edge of 3 cm.