What makes an icon of "Softener of Evil Hearts"

Among the many icons of one of the most essential in every home is considered an icon of "Softener of Evil Hearts."Through prayer before this image, you protect yourself from your own anger and irritability that are not the best human qualities.In addition, in prayer before the icon of the family asking for an armistice or that there was no animosity between neighbors, as well as the whole world between states.In our culture, the image of the Mother of God, in which the chest pierced with arrows, is one of the most emotional and expressive in iconography.It gives an opportunity to feel mercy and compassion.

Origin icon

Icon "Softener of Evil Hearts" is completely shrouded in mystery, so its exact origin is unknown to this day.According to one hypothesis, it came from the south-western part of Russia, and according to another - from the West, because this image is revered in Catholicism.In addition to this name, and the image has a different - "Simeon prophetically."According to the narrative of the

Evangelist Luke, venerated elder Simeon visited Holy Spirit, who predicted that he would not be able to leave this world until you see the Messiah.When the fortieth birthday of Jesus brought to the Temple, he hurried back and Simeon.Having a baby hand, he uttered the words, which are now known to us as a prayer that sounds each evening service in the churches.It is in these words, he points out that pierce the soul of the Blessed suffering and pain, fullness which represents the number seven.

Icon "Softener of Evil Hearts": the value of the image

This icon of the Mother of God is depicted alone.Her pierced seven swords, symbolizing the fullness of heart disease and sorrow are experienced Blessed Virgin Mary on earth.These seven swords pass the prophecy of Simeon, as this number in Scripture characterizes the completeness of anything.There is another icon, which has a similar meaning - "Seven Arrows".Many people do not recognize the difference between these images, but they are, though minor.For example, the icon is described in the article, three swords pierce the Virgin Mary on the right, three to the left, and one - the bottom.As the icon "Seven Arrows", that it depicts the mother of God, which pierce the three swords on the left and four on the right.The practice of prayer does not distinguish between these icons, as they have the same iconographic type.

Icon "Softener of Evil Hearts" has a different interpretation with respect to the seven swords, according to which they transmit the fullness of Our Lady of Sorrow, but not because of the sufferings of the Son on the cross, but because of our sins.The number seven represents the number of the main passions of sinful man, reflected the pain in her chest.But she is ready to ask his son for everyone who asks for her intercession of the saint.

Worship lists icons

miraculous icon "Softener of Evil Hearts" is located in the eponymous temple, which stands in a small village in the suburbs Bachurina.Until recently, this image is a privately owned family in Moscow Sparrow.In 1998, Sparrow attributed its icon in the Pokrovsky women's monastery, because they wanted to make it to the relics of the Blessed aged women.Immediately afterwards he became an icon stream myrrh.This family from all over the pilgrims began to travel.Such a large number of people they could take at home, so the icon "Softener of Evil Hearts" was given to the church.This image is in one shift in the Church n. Kamenka.Myrrh-streaming icon of the list is also in Venice.