The usefulness of curd products and how much to digest cheese

With each passing day increases the number of people who understand the danger of the use of the food that falls on the day of their table.This contributes erupted worldwide popularity of sport and active lifestyle promotion of proper nutrition.

What else can be said, when the entire network is literally filled with various articles about diets and rollers.But the trouble is that any recommendations in this regard should give specialists: scientists, doctors, nutritionists.This is in order to help people avoid those tips that can improve the health instead of harm.

one of the few foods that are considered an integral part of a healthy diet are dairy.This article will focus on one of the most useful of their representatives.Do you know how to digest curd, and how huge set of advantages and useful properties it possesses?

To find answers to these questions, you need to understand the composition of the product itself.

What is cheese?

One of the most important components of the fermented milk mir

acle by which it recommended to use literally everyone, from athletes to the elderly, is a protein, or in other words, a protein.Eating only 100 grams of cheese, can be delivered into the body about 15-20 grams of high quality protein.Moreover, by analyzing its composition, scientists have concluded that, using this product every day, a person will receive all necessary essential amino acids.

It is used all the athletes

To date, there is a special literature, which claims that eating yogurt as a source of protein is able to fully satisfy the body's need for animal protein.The researchers take into account how much time digested curd.After the meat are fully understood by the body, you need a few days.This fact confuses many athletes.And that's why cheese has become a favorite product for them, especially for those involved in the exercise rooms.Each athlete will tell that you need during the day to eat any cheese product, in time to nourish and restore the body after heavy loads.

carbohydrates in quite a bit of cottage cheese - 3-5 grams, which makes it suitable for various low-carb diets.

But with fat is not so clear.Many people, especially mature, used to eat cheese product with a high fat content.On the one hand, it is more delicious than the low-fat, but it is less useful.

cheese How digested?

Many modern nutritionists recommend eating cottage cheese without any fat.A prescribed athletes eat it in the evening before going to sleep because of the fact that this product is digested and absorbed by the body slowly.And this is enough to saturate the body, full physiological cycle.Data on how much cheese to digest in the stomach, a little different.Depending on the fat content of the product, this process may take a different time.

For a clearer comparison of the rate of absorption by the body of cheese and meat in our article is a table of food digestion.


meat (pork, beef)

about 4-5 hours to digest.At the same time completely absorbed in about 12 hours.

about 3-5 hours to digest.Fatty meats can digest about 72 hours.

Useful than cheese?

You will not believe, but in this dairy product provides a set of 6 vitamins and 14 minerals.Of course, the amount of nutrients varies for different ways of preparing the product.But while a few other goodies can boast such useful for the human body.

Such diseases as atherosclerosis, pancreatitis, various diseases of the liver and nervous system are successfully treated with medication.But in dealing with them will help ordinary cheese.

Curd during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Pregnant or nursing mothers are obliged to add cheese to your diet because of the large number of various trace elements in it that are very much needed child.Also plays a role, and complete lack of product of any contraindications.

Due to how much to digest curd, it can be called a good source of nutrients that enter the body for a long period, making this fermented milk product irreplaceable for those who lead a healthy lifestyle and sports.

And given those of its properties that make it easier to clean the symptoms or effects of a variety of diseases, it can be considered the use of this product is an essential element of proper nutrition.

And there is much of a difference, what you eat cheese curd product or wide, their usefulness to the body will always be at a high level.Of course, for pure and high-quality cottage cheese has to pay more, but this purchase is a good investment in your own health.