A swastika - authentic histories

Subject swastika incredibly popular today.All possible sources of persistently educate the people in the history of the ancient characters, arguing that the swastika has nothing to do with Nazism.In this stream of "sacred knowledge" now it has become difficult to find information on how, in fact, there was a Nazi swastika and what it means for the Nazis.It seems that someone has set out to revive and whiten the symbol with one known to him purpose.Meanwhile, perhaps we should not forget that for our people, this is a sign of death and destruction, and it does not matter what it means for Buddhists, Hindus or ancient Finno-Finns - even if historians are engaged.So, the real story, as the fascist swastika appeared, its significance for the German Nazis.


Despite the fact that Hitler put his hand to the adoption of the swastika as a symbol of the National Socialist movement, the author of this idea, it was not.Swastika actively use all sorts of organizations, the German nationalist and a

nti-Semitic long before the NSDAP.The value of it is understood in different ways.For some, it was an ancient symbol of the esoteric meaning, but for others - opposed to the star of David, symbolizing the purity of German blood.And I must say that the last value was the most common.

party symbol

In 1919 the dentist F. Crone filed a memorandum in which justified the adoption of the swastika symbol of the Nazi Party.However, his understanding of the meaning of the symbols were borrowed from the historian and occultist Guido von List, piously believed in the Indo-German ancestors of the Germans.That is, the Nazi swastika had no religious or cultural and ethnic roots, and was taken from mythology.Hitler considered the draft Crohn's, persuaded him to change the position of the cross with the left hand to right hand.And then personally took up the development of the character movement.The way he did it, quite detailed by himself in "Mein Kampf."And Hitler's swastika and little interest was adopted them for granted.According to him, it was a decent, old anti-Semitic symbol for the struggle for the victory of the Aryan race, and among other things symbolizing the creative work.That's what is Nazi swastika for the Nazis.

Hitler was most concerned about the flowers and their ratio on the prepared them a sign of the party.As the pages of "Mein Kampf", it made a strong impression communist - red symbols.It was under her influence, and in opposition to it was established the Nazi flag.Colors, after much deliberation, he chose the same as in the imperial banner: black-white-red - and proportion of selected taking into account representations of Hitler as an artist.We must pay tribute - a symbol turned out memorable, and many experts consider it one of the most successful, established in the 20th century.In 1920, the Nazi swastika was published in its final version and began its bloody path.

little about the names

all used to call the Nazi swastika cross, and yet is a Sanskrit word meaning good wishes, and the Nazis, it is almost never used.In his book, Hitler calls it motygoobrazny cross - Hakenkreuz, just as it was called in the press and literature of Nazi Germany.