Clamping bolt Furniture: types and sizes

As is clear from the name, a furniture bolt serves to bond together the individual parts of the structure, so that they were one.These fasteners can be used not only on manufacturers, but also with the direct assembly at home.

Classification bolts

In fact, a great many bolts.But depending on the shape and size, they can occur in one or another sphere of production:

  • agricultural use plowshare Bolts, with which there is an installation of attachments for equipment;
  • used in furniture manufacture, respectively, furniture;
  • in the construction of roads (highways while the equipment enclosure) used road bolts;
  • to build cars take only engineering hardware.

forms bolts

Under each area of ​​production to develop their fasteners:

  1. classic form - the bolt has a head with six faces, and on the opposite end of the coated thread.Through it is possible to combine two or more elements.Used together with bolts.
  2. flange bolts.There is a "skirt" round shape, which is at the base of the head, due to which
    there is no need to use the washers.
  3. Flap.Their use has led to a complex form of bolts for lifting device accessories.
  4. anchor bolts.They provide a through connection elements.Increased strength of the fastening fasteners allows data in areas requiring high security.
  5. eyebolts.These elements have a hat-loop, instead of the usual one.These screws are often fastened ropes, as they are well withstand the load on the entire axis, distributing it evenly over the base.

Scope furniture accessories

previously collected sets of furniture with special wedges and dowels, but the technology is not standing still, so they came to replace the hardware data.Coupling bolt furniture used in the manufacture of:

  • sofas;
  • beds;
  • sets for kitchen facilities;
  • seats and chairs;
  • tables.

Such fasteners are often used in the construction and repair, such as a ladder or a wooden gazebo.If you plan to set up a small wooden structure, this element is also useful.

Working with wood

Since home set in most cases made of wood, the furniture and the bolt is designed specifically for this material.The most common in furniture production today are fiberboard and particleboard.Such metal fasteners can withstand mechanical loads, which are on the furniture in the course of its operation.

popularity of these screws due to the fact that they are not disposable.That is in the process of relocation is always possible to disassemble the headset, and a new place to collect it.And this applies not only to domestic but also to office furniture.

Furniture bolt as a fastening element is the basis arsenal like plants and furniture from private companies.In addition, it is simple enough to buy, so even if the self-assembly of the product in the mix of parts problems do not arise.

features furniture bolts

as a basis for the manufacture of carbon steel parts is taken.The finished product has a zinc coating which provides resistance to corrosion processes.In some cases, some kinds even chrome.It is also not unusual to find a steel, brass or copper furniture bolt.

If the furniture is used for its intended purpose, while it does not have excessive loads (not continuously collect and disassemble), the period of operation of such hardware would be more than a decade.

Depending on the purpose of fasteners may have the following marking thread: M6, M8, M10 and M12.The length of the bolt of the range from 1.6 to 20 cm. Complete with furniture bolts often go nuts and washers, which are sections of the corresponding hardware.

Furniture bolt has several categories:

  1. Fasteners head round shape, increased size.
  2. Bolt furniture with mustache and head semicircular shape.
  3. Screw tie.
  4. Fasteners head flat shape.

Types of furniture hardware

When assembling the cushion designs and soft parts of furniture using bolt (GOST 7801), which has a semicircular head and mustache.It is mounted in advance to make the hole by using a hammer blow.Us help implement commit to metiz was not able to rotate.To secure the further use nuts and flat washers.This category is very popular hardware size of 6x30 and 6x40, metric thread which - M6, M8, M10 and M12, and length - 3 and 4 cm.

Furniture bolt type "screw-tie" helps in working with plywood, ordinaryand laminated chipboard.It ensures the accuracy of marking in the mounts.This type has a flat head, which is harvested under a special hole.The production is widely used sizes 5h50 and 7h50, with white-coated or zheltopassirovannym and zinc-plated.

to hidden places in the headset used furniture bolt, which had no additional protective layers.But it is only in those cases where the product will be in a room with an optimal level of humidity.In the opposite case, it is recommended that hardware had a zinc layer, which carries the protective properties.If necessary, cover screws and chrome, giving it a more aesthetic appearance.

There is a separate category of bolts which through their performance not only used in industrial applications, but also in the furniture industry.Din 603 - Furniture bolt which has a shank of cylindrical shape with a head on the end.When this thread may occupy the entire length or only a specific part.To create connections using a nut, or pre-preparing a hole in one of the parts to be secure.

This type provides tightness, so it is used not only for timber but also the metal structures.It can be seen in road rumble strips and fences bridges.As for furniture, furniture such a bolt is more suitable for garden sets which operate out of thin metal.