Choosing kitchen

If you are going to choose the kitchen, the information in this article will do you good.

So, try to understand how to choose a kitchen, so you do not regret.Since the kitchen - it is an expensive thing, done for many years.All alterations and modernization after the installation of such furniture is time consuming and costly.

style cuisine. Conventionally, all dishes can be divided into two groups - the kitchen in classical style (Provencal, Gothic, Italy, country, etc.) and a kitchen in a modern style (modern, hi-tech and others).The question of choosing the style of furniture takes a minimum time for the decision, because usually people like furniture in a modern style or like a classic.Sometimes our style dictates the overall design of our homes.

Planning functional kitchen .The kitchen should be not only beautiful, but also functional.The distance between the gas stove and the sink is called the "working surface".If possible, this distance should be at least half a meter, because most of th

e work for the preparation of food takes place exactly on it.Drying for ware should be close to the sink (preferably above it).If the drying over the sink can not be arranged, then make it as close to the sink, and if you are left-handed, place the dryer on the left, respectively, if the right-hander, on the right.In the corner of the ground floor unit using withdrawable mechanisms and "carousel" that significantly streamline all items are there and make this part of the ergonomic kitchen.Use drawers, as practice has shown - it's convenient.Especially there is a box that is sure to do - box "spork".It is a small box height, which is under the kitchen worktop.It stores spoons, knives, forks, shovels, and other necessary items, without which the kitchen does well.How to position the door of the second floor kitchen (vertically or horizontally), you decide.In each of the options for the location of doors has its pluses and minuses.So let everyone decides to design.To kitchen turned out beautiful, comfortable and perfect fit for all characteristics of the premises, must be ordered furniture.Such furniture is high quality and durable.Another plus furniture made to order - a huge selection of materials with a wide color gamut.Ready factory furniture is usually made of cheap materials, which are usually of dubious quality.And with a choice of colors, textures and designs of the factory kitchen is not poeksperimentiruesh.

accessories. important element is the kitchen fittings.This piece of furniture such as handles, hinges, lift mechanisms, drying, guides for drawers, cargo, fixtures and more.Save on these things is not worth it.Because if you put poor-quality accessories, sooner or later it will have to change to a new one.Such supplies are constantly in need of regulation, decorative top layer can oblazit may appear rust, supplies may eventually stick, squeak, and so on.All this can be avoided by installing the furniture quality furniture accessories.Of course, its price will be more, but this issue you will no longer come back.And I do not have time and time again to cause the wizard to adjust or replace it.Besides producers quality fittings soundly always have an assortment of tools and accessories, which can be used to solve the most complex design tasks and meet the wishes of the most capricious customer.

facade of - the person kitchen. In the production of facades (doors and other personal items) cuisine using the following materials:

- Natural wood .Always fashionable and natural material.Dear and capricious in operation.

- MDF painted .Possible to produce both versions of classic style and modern.Material not pretty cranky, but fears malostoyky chips and scratches.For the price takes a middle ground.

- Plastic .The kitchen in the classic style of this material make it practically impossible.It has a wide range of colors and a variety of textures.It has excellent physical properties (resistant to scratches weak, is not afraid of high temperatures, household chemicals, humidity).On pricing - it occupies a position lower than the average.You can arbitrarily say that this high-quality and relatively inexpensive material.

- MDF film .There is a large selection of colors and textures.Material inexpensive.But much afraid of changes in temperature.By itself, the short-lived.

- MDF frame .Material inexpensive.Moldings made from MDF profiles and panels.It is used for making furniture in classic style or Art Nouveau.The color range is very limited.

- Acrylic .The kitchen is ultra acrylic gloss.It occupies the top position of the medium price segment.Material greatly afraid of scratches.From simple rubbing cloth appear micro-scratches.The color range is limited.

There are other materials for the manufacture of kitchen fronts, but they somehow next time, so you do not confuse.But the above are the most common materials.

Communications and wiring. Before ordering the kitchen, you need to properly lay the wiring in the walls and tiled floors.When planning the wiring in the kitchen, do not forget about the microwave, oven, refrigerator, sockets for small appliances (mixer, blender, food processor, etc.), the dishwasher, if necessary, washing machine and so on.Circuitry cuisine can be found on the Internet.We must not forget about the correct location of other utilities such as extractor, water, sewage and gas.

Pay special attention to the kitchen countertop .It countertop assumes almost all the load, moisture and dirt.The most common variants of this artificial stone countertops and postforming (regular table).Countertops made of artificial stone expensive, but it can help to make any shapes and sizes.This worktop is not afraid of water, as is done in one piece.If somehow you have damaged surface kitchen countertops made of artificial stone, you should not get upset, so easy to repair countertop.In such tops often use the built-in sink.This kitchen sink can be any shape, it can be made of the same material as the countertop itself, and seemingly it is monolithic with the worktop (countertop and sink a whole).Variants of textures and colors in a lot of artificial stone, but less than in the post forming.Another, cheaper option - a common kitchen countertop postforming.They basically come in two thicknesses of 28mm and 38mm.There are water-resistant and nevlagostoykimi.All connections and joints in such tops can be seen from the fact that are made of different pieces.When installing the kitchen, make sure that all the cuts and joints were processed from moisture sealant (silicone).And best before end processing silicone twice, three times to put a special water-repellent impregnation, or at least conventional drying oil, and then silicon.So you protect countertops vnutrinney layer, which is made of chipboard from moisture.Tabletop not swell, and its service life will increase at times.This procedure applies to the water-resistant tops.In case of damage the protective layer of decorative countertops such it becomes leaky, and can not be repaired.Typically, it is changed to a new one.

Well, in principle, all, all general information about the choice of kitchen units listed above.