As an ordinary cow parsnip from edible plants was "Stalin's revenge"?

As history shows, the basis of Ukrainian borscht several centuries ago were not the beets and vegetables, as a valuable nutritious plant - an ordinary cow parsnip.Decades ago, it turned into a toxic and dangerous to human health weed.Previously, because of its roots brewed fuel strong brew, and from the leaves and stems - nourishing, to taste reminiscent of chicken soup, borscht.In the Siberian lands it was called the angelica, the bear's paw.Common Hogweed grew currently vacant lots and served food for skotinku, and in the spring it collected herbs to feed themselves, the peasants.

This plant is pretty.Its flowers large umbrella, and the stems reach a height of two meters.Today, ordinary hogweed growing in landfills and abandoned untreated plots, captures the territory of the meadows and lowlands displaces forage.The fact that he can be aggressive poisonous properties, which resulted in the affected skin, many do not even know, because before it was not.The kids played in his bushes.Children wore i

t on his head, like pumpkin, leaves, protected from the sun.Today, out of ten people by touching this plant, eight hospitalized in hospital with severe burns.

After World War II, Stalin came to the information that North American farmers feed their animals this weed grass for our beds.On his orders, an ordinary cow parsnip has been added to fodder crops grown and become ubiquitous.Stalin's idea was actively supported Khrushchev and even Brezhnev.But the new government did not arrange a common weed.We began to move development of breeders.The most successful was considered grade Sosnowski.It was a huge plant, grown in the Caucasus, first, and then offer to all other areas of agriculture in the USSR.The fact that this sort of had a nasty surprise - poisonous properties, to report to the top no one dared.

Therefore, in the mid-seventies, telling his Polish friends about progress in agriculture, our government is sincerely invited them to use this experience and put their hogweed seeds, derived genius Sosnowski.As a result, it became clear that this plant is not suitable for animal feed.Milk after it became bitter and poisonous.The Poles have decided that this is a provocation.They called the plant "Stalin's revenge" and burned the plantation to get rid of the grass.And in our country, according to the shipping instructions coming from above, we continued to grow for years to come, this poison parsnip.Photo applied to this article perfectly conveys its visual appeal.

But as a result of natural pollination poisonous properties of the transmitting and weeds.Recently, a case was recorded: a mother and daughter decided to snatch the growing along a fence in their dacha weed, among which was an ordinary cow parsnip (photo shows what size it can reach).Mother chopping its sap, and the daughter relegated grass in the ravine.Two days later they were taken to hospital with severe skin burns.The treatment took a long, the same as in the thermal skin lesions.And the doctors immediately said that traces of these burns will take place only after two or three years.Especially troublesome to hogweed on sunny hot days.