Signboards eyes advertiser

Efficiency front signboards eyes advertiser.

signboards - external facade element with the name or pointing to the scope of activities or services.

A friend of mine is successfully engaged in the sphere of services in the installation of auto-signaling argued that the main supplier of customers for it is online advertising, and when talking about outdoor advertising said that the signboards he needs more like image.I agree with him, but still urged to pay attention to his empty facade and, at my request, he began to collect some statistics.It was found that 66 percent of its customers live nearby availability, 12 percent in the nearby work availability.That is, more than two thirds yet despite the fact that searching in the Internet service provider of great importance in the search to the geographical location of the service provider.And this statistic is why it is surprised.He even began to think about opening an additional cabin in another part of the city, which in my opinion looks quite logical.

Talk about something else in another area of ​​the cabin gradually moved to a discussion of signs, we discussed the details and he agreed.

Manufacturing of front signage

St. Petersburg

We are engaged in the development of its external signs, and after some time, because of its facade, the size of its facade and other various items offered suitable alternative.But it exceeded the expected by my friends, the estimated cost of signage is almost twice!I had to explain that there is a big difference in addition to the cost, for example in effectiveness between conventional LED printheads and LED modules that will stand him is the same as between 2111 and Mercedes in which he moves.And the fact that the signboards should be functional with a lifetime of at least seven years, and the frame should be painted in the color of the facade, so that it does not distract the attention, etc.Being a man schepitilnym and pragmatic, having received all the answers to your questions are logical, he agreed and we started manufacturing.After about three weeks with a delay of two days, as we have made advertisers, he hung a sign on the facade.Everything burned, pleasing to the eye, my friend was happy.And like it was time to shake hands and left for his business, but our interest does not stop by and we decided to continue the statistics.

first month of availability of the outdoor signage has not produced any significant results, increasing by only 4 per cent, respectively, could be attributed to error.It took another two weeks and the same result.My friend is not very rastroilsya and thought that at least he has a façade sign that he basically wanted.Signboard start to "work" in six weeks.And after three months the number of customers increased by 34 per cent while 92 per cent of them lived or worked in the nearby availability.There has been a clear increase in turnover on 1/3 while he had to hire more people, and in its interior has become cramped, and he told me that the main clients over the Internet.When simple arithmetic calculations, it turned out that the payback period signs in his case should amount to six and a half months from the date of its installation!