Training biceps.

hand muscles most attract attention and are the most revealing.That is why both beginners and seasoned athletes pay particular attention to work on their form.Training biceps requires a special approach.In order to achieve the best results, you need to choose the right exercises for the development of the muscles.It is best to work on his body under the guidance of coach who can verify the correctness of the exercises.

Experts offer a variety of exercises to achieve the desired goal of bodybuilders.Every athlete needs to know the most effective and common street workout that will help him to achieve great results.There are many exercises for the hands.These include alternate lifting dumbbell biceps, elbow flexion with a barbell, workout on the bench by Scott.This category also includes all kinds of presses at the gym and blocks.

We work with a barbell

In order to exercise the biceps on the weight gave the best result, coaches recommend the use of the basic street workout, which have already becom

e classics of bodybuilding.Among them - the training programs for both beginners and experienced professionals.These exercises belong to the rise of the bar.With this tool, you can sport achieve the maximum load on the muscles of the arms and get a wide range of motion.The key to this exercise is done quite easily discharge.

Take shell undergrip.Hands should be thus spaced at shoulder level.Grief rods at startup located opposite thigh.Firmly grasping for it, take a deep breath, hold the air in the chest, then bend your elbows, lifting the load to the shoulders.

do everything right

When the wrist will be at a sufficient level, Freeze and tense muscles.Then slowly, without haste lower the bar to the initial position.You need to use a lot of weight, but it is not necessary to over-zealous.Indeed, in this case, you can damage the muscles.

Never throw a projectile down.Lowering speed plays an extremely important role.Also pay attention to the final stage of the movement.With the latest iteration of set you can afford to light "cheating."

Raise dumbbell turns

program of training the biceps is not possible without this exercise.To run it correctly, you must use supination.This device makes biceps activated throughout its volume.Bodybuilders claim that it is the most effective exercise for the muscles that are responsible for flexing the elbow.

It can be performed standing, and sitting on the edge of the bench, bred horizontally.But the best option coaches believe the rise in the projectile with a back that is inclined at an angle of 60 degrees (30 less than the standard).In this case, more than the biceps stretched in the lower part, and it receives an elongated stem larger-scale load.When the back of the bench is at a right angle, this exercise becomes very much like to work with the barbell standing.

Two ways to work

lifting dumbbell biceps recommended to both alternate and synchronized modes.Each of them is effective in its own way.You need to choose the one that is right for your body.Only in this way you will be able to bring their hands in the proper form.

The first option - it is a powerful training biceps.Do not make the work with data projectiles in strength training.The main thing you have to do - not only to raise the dumbbell certain number of times, but also at every bench correctly perform supination.Elbows should be strictly on the edges of the body.As they move forward, the exercise is facilitated, but it loses its effectiveness.

use the bench Scott

training program "Biceps, triceps" also includes work on the bench by Scott.It is best to use a barbell type EZ.Through its direct fingerboard hands safe from unnatural eversion, because of which there is a sharp pain.In addition, the forearm and the wrist very quickly get tired and begin to automatically decompress.With this shell, you can do wonderful exercises that make up the workout biceps.

proposed exercise for the hand is oriented primarily to the lower area of ​​the biceps.It is extremely important when it is running lean elbows on the upper third of the bench and not to land on her breast.Only in this way you will achieve the widest amplitude for the job.

training chest and biceps on the projectile Scott also be performed with dumbbells.In the lower position the hands need to unbend 100 percent.Then you need to raise them to the level of the chin and struggled to reduce biceps.This additional load is required for each repeat.In no case can not use too much weight.Hand it is very vulnerable and can be easily hurt because "cheating" in this exercise - a taboo.


program training biceps offers another efficient way of working with dumbbells.At the heart of this exercise is the rise of alternate shells, allowing you to attack on all fronts shoulder muscles.When performing this exercise does not need to brush supination.You must maintain a normal grip (palms to keep to himself) from start to finish.At the same time most of the load takes training biceps and shoulder muscles.Perform the action is possible and in a standing position, and in a sitting position.

At the beginning of the hand while holding them dumbbells down, capture is not strong, instruments barely touching the thighs.In this position, when you are in control of their activity and supiniruete brush, you need to lift the load to shoulder level.Then strain the biceps and slowly lower to starting position.Observe that the brush does not turn.Feel the power at the reduction and muscle strain between the forearm and shoulder.Repeat the process with the other hand.

«Cheating" in the performance of tasks is strictly prohibited.Make the maximum emphasis on the accuracy of their work and technique.This exercise is also possible using the cable handle and the lower block.If done correctly, it's a great workout biceps and back.

engaged triceps

Presses barbell with a narrow seizure of power load is distributed between the triceps muscles of the chest and neck area.To avoid this, you must learn to concentrate the stress is on the hand.

To perform this exercise correctly?Use post with an average weight.Capture its medium rather than narrowly.The back of this should be placed comfortably on the bench, and feet - firmly rest on the floor to maintain a stable equilibrium.Straighten your arms with a projectile.Make sure that the neck was at shoulder level.Now bend your elbows until such time as the bar touches the top of your chest.

Pay particular attention: the elbows should not be run parallel to each other.They need to breed to the body with an angle of about 45 degrees.In conjunction with the wide grip, they are able to focus specifically on the power load triceps.

Try experimenting with a wide grip and elbows.Try to find the best position.It may be that you will be uncomfortable to work on the horizontal bar.In this case, it is necessary to lower the region, which is the head.In this position you will be able to load more triceps.We must not forget that every athlete the features of the constitution of the body, and for them to be adjusted exercise.Only if you adapt, you will be able to achieve the highest level of comfort and effectiveness of training.

Using beams

In this shell, you can perform basic exercises in order to pump up the triceps, chest and front delts.The initial position - hands to her grab the bars and straighten your arms.

Breathe deeply and slowly begin to bend your elbows, slowly falling down.At the same time the shoulder joint should be moderately stretched.While working with the triceps can not be lowered to a maximum "depth".Once at the starting point, start climbing up to the straightening elbows.This technique can be varied by periodically shifting the emphasis from triceps on chest and back.

French press

For this exercise you will need an incline bench.It is unique in its kind and clearly transmit the load to the heart of the triceps.Chest and Delta thus remain in pristine condition.

Lower back on the bench and secure the right grip in the hands of EZ-vulture.You should feel the stretch in the lower position of the triceps.Keep your hands at a right angle and then gently lift them with the same weight and measured return to the starting position.

If you do not feel the burden in the area of ​​the right muscles, it indicates that the elbows are not locked.No need to move them!So you make exercise more simple in execution, but its effectiveness will reduce to zero.The body thus loses a secure fit, and it will be much harder to keep the projectile angle.

Features regime

training biceps and triceps completed the final exercise - the French bench press.It attacks the muscles on two fronts at once: you straighten the arm, and then bring it to the body.The exercise should be on a high block.The grip should be shoulder width or slightly narrower if your elbows are fixed relative to the housing.

started during the exercise must be from the top point.This should straighten your elbows and squeeze the handle unit down to turn off.Hands should be as close to the body.After a short break smoothly, controlling every millimeter of movement, return the elbow to the point from which to start.