How to start your day, to get the supply of energy for the day ahead?

There are people who are not at all difficult to wake up in the morning, they vigorously jump out of bed and immediately proceed to their business.Others on the contrary it is very difficult to open their eyes and wake up for real.Is there a universal secret of where to start your day so that you do not want him to hurry to finish?

main thing - listen to yourself

If you find it difficult to wake up in the morning, try to assess whether you are not getting enough sleep?Someone quite 4 hours for recreation, and the other is missing half a day to sleep.It is believed that the most precious dream - in the evening until midnight, try to go to bed early or sleep a little in the afternoon.In advance, make a list in the morning.

If you are in a hurry to work or school, you definitely need to take the time to hygienic procedures and breakfast.But prepare to collect clothes and the bag can be in the evening.

There are many tips to get you to start your day.If you find it difficult to wake up, put a bedsid

e glass of water and drink it immediately after waking up.You can organize yourself light breakfast - for example, some dried fruit compote.You will not wake if immediately after awakening begin to do something enjoyable.If you often have dreams, you can have a separate notebook and record it immediately after waking up.

proper start to the day: the morning will be good!

Good invigorate exercise.You can do short exercises in the morning or just a few minutes to dance to good music.Do not forget about water treatment.It is much easier to wake up by taking a full shower.It will take you just a couple of minutes longer than usual washing, but what a result!Do not forget to eat breakfast.Drink tea or coffee with biscuits or toast, if you do not like to eat much in the morning.If the appetite you have everything in order, choose fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals and dairy products.If you have enough time, do something for yourself.Check-mail, write to-do list for the day, to call someone.You can take the time to read the news or interesting book.

How to start your day: the original advice

interesting idea - to meditate in the morning or engage in auto-training.With this you can give yourself a variety of installation or just tune in to the desired wave.You can go to the balcony, look around the familiar yard and once again make sure that the world around is beautiful and amazing.Fresh air also helps to wake up faster.At any time, be sure to ventilate the apartment for at least 3-5 minutes.

perfect start to the day and provide a distinctive flavor.Light aromatic lamp - it is best to invigorate fresh pine or citrus scents.It is desirable over time to develop your own morning ritual, day after day repeating the same sequence of cases.With this approach, you do not have a question about where to begin your day, to wake up, and you'll notice that you wake up easier and easier.If necessary, you can change over time, your morning ritual, adding to it some business or abandoning something imposed from above.