We explain the difference between the goal of the task

Many businesses.Many plans.Many worries.Our life today is filled to the brim with different kinds of activities.Some live only in that meet their basic needs, and lack of it.Some people need a little more than just a drink, eat and dress properly.The third is, in general, all you need only the best and highest quality.But be that as it may, all to strive for something and want to achieve something.

But if it turns out to implement all our plans?Unfortunately no.And we all have the opportunity to observe other people's disappointment, frustration, dispelling myths.And we ourselves often there are situations when what we so carefully, like, planned, starts to develop in a completely different way.And the output we get a result that does not suit us.

So what's the reason?

Despite the fact that we set ourselves goals, objectives, looking for ways to solve them, we often do not think about the difference between the purpose of the task.And this is a very important and significant factor in the plan

ning and implementation of the planned.Let's see in this issue.

So, what is different from the purpose of the task

To everything fell into place, you first need to define these two terms.

purpose of - is something to aspire to a certain person or group of people.The final condition, the end result for which all actions are taken to achieve it.Typically, the goal is always clearly articulated and has a time frame - it can be short, medium and long term.

task - it every way, and the actions needed to achieve this goal.Tasks can be considered steps in moving to the desired result, ie. A. Their implementation or the decision was up to him and leads.

should also note several important points in this regard:

  • All tasks in most cases are solved in the long term the nearest time.
  • Even in cases where the goal can be vague, objectives should be clear specifics.
  • goal is always stable.Tasks can also be changed due to any circumstances.
  • tasks can and should be tailored to the target.
  • main goals and objectives may be directly opposite each other.

order to more clearly understand the difference between the goal of the task should be to give a few examples.

1. purpose of - update wardrobe.

Tasks : come, take the money out of the house, get to your store, find and select appropriate clothing to buy, go home.

2. purpose of - a trip to the holiday.

Tasks : to determine the place of rest, find out the cost, to find the necessary finance, plan your trip, buy vouchers, to pack, get to the point of departure, and then - to the destination for a vacation.

3. purpose of - learn boxing.

Tasks : find the right section to buy equipment, pay for training, start training.

4. purpose of - agreement in a conflict situation.

Tasks: skillfully hold a discussion or dispute.

5. Or another illustrative example - goals and objectives in writing this article.

purpose of - clearly convey to the reader the information.

Tasks: find and study the necessary materials, it competently explain, check and edit, publish.

Thus, we can say with confidence that in order to reach / achieve the goal, we need to properly execute and deliver / solve the problem of achieving the desired result.In addition, it is obvious that the goal is reached without problem can not be, and the lack of purpose in what will not result in the performance of any task.There is even a saying: "The ship, which has no destination, will not priplyvёt."

Anyone who knows the difference between the goal of the task, and this knowledge can be applied correctly in practice, more often and more quickly reaches a planned, rather than one who does not know or ignores it.

Therefore, set goals, learn to set and tasks that will do the trick.