May beetle green - amazing handsome

In May, the gardens and the gardens of our country spreads dull humming - to fish out the May beetles.These insects family Plastinchatousye very common throughout Europe and Asia.Often they are called Khrushchev.Their first, more common, the name is really due to the fact that they appear in May, although in cold years can stay until June, and warm spring beetles hum is heard in April.Who among us has not caught them in his childhood - big, honking, a little scary.They tied the strings and let fly around - a swarm of dots funny, entertainment for children.

Did you know that up to 50-ies of XX century chafer green storm was the collective farms?These insects are exterminated some species of plants and cause significant damage to agriculture.Through the use of pesticides chafer green was virtually wiped out in some regions of the country and in the rest of its population has decreased significantly.The natural balance was restored only in 80 years, when the reduced use of chemicals in agriculture.

How does chafer?Photography representatives of different species may differ: such as chafers bugs are red and black.However, both are characterized by a greenish tint head and pronotum.Because of this, very often, and it is believed that the chafer - green.

But what else are so popular these insects?First of all the fact that they are an excellent bait for fishing.These insects will lure for river fish species such as chub, ide, chub and sabrefish.

for successful fishing with bait from May beetle should use the same gear as for float fishing.The exception is the absence of a sinker.The method of catching on among the fishermen Khrushchev called "fly fishing."

to fishing on May beetle was successful, except for selection of gear should also attend to the place of fishing.It should be there, where the river has a strong current.The best choice would be the area where there is a tree and a whirlpool.

Check whether there is a selected area of ​​the reservoir fish easy.It is enough to throw into the water a few beetles in turn and carefully observe them.If the insects are gone, it's time to uncovering your fishing rod.

last question - how to catch the May beetle?Very simple.In the morning and in the afternoon he was sitting on the tree branches.If in the morning to walk through the garden, you can get enough for fishing.Effectively also passed, to shake the future bait from the branches of shrubs and low-growing trees directly on the ground.Once you have collected insects, remember that their baits on the hook should be careful so as not to damage the vital organs.While the bug alive and moves legs, it is a fish of great value and interest, because some fish can only see a moving target.

Now you know what a chafer, green pest plants, great bait for fishermen and just one of the symbols of the offensive May heat, and summer sun holiday outdoor recreation.