Education and training in Primary Schools

teaching community agitated by introducing new standards of primary education since September 2011.Teachers theorists rightly offer modern requirements for training and education in elementary school.Teachers practitioners also strongly protested, citing the difficulties of the Russian education.

school reform are never easy.This is evidenced by the bright history of pedagogy.Problems always arise from the fact that "from above" can not see what is happening "at the bottom."Introduced per capita financing of schools to encourage teachers, but do not think, than it will result in Russia.The majority of Russian schools in villages and small towns were left without social and psychological services, educators without the GPA, without the organizers of children's movement.Thereby carried salary increase for teachers, subject teachers and primary school teachers.The load on the primary school teachers has increased several times.And now the second generation standards.

idea, as always, good.With this no

one disputes. Education in elementary school should be based on common requirements, based on the expected results in the personal development of students, to learn things, in the formation of universal educational actions.

acquainted with the list of requirements, we can say that education in elementary school over the years included a large part of them.Simply they were advisory in nature, not normative.Primary teachers have always tried to bring up their young students good people.They paid enough space for the education of morality, health preservation, collectivism, aesthetic perception of the world, etc.

a greater extent should change it primary school .The concept of universal educational actions forms the basis for programming the educational process at school.Universal learning activities to be formed in primary school children, will help bring to the fore the personal activity of the student, his motivation in cognitive activities.ACU must prepare the graduate school to a successful independent life planning.

Education in elementary school should give the student the opportunity to learn different ways to solve problems (both instructional and practical), to learn how to set goals, plan, to determine the results of its activities, to be able to act in situations of victory (success) and destruction (failure)in the form of an initial master reflexive skills to actively use models, symbols, diagrams for solving the educational problems.

Junior student should confidently use information and communication technologies, to work successfully with textual information.The list includes ECU and the ability to speak in public, operating various types of information.

In addition, a graduate of the primary school should be ready for conflict-free cooperation and joint work in the group of students.

methods of primary school also reviewed.Priority is design activity of students.

Education in elementary school, in accordance with the new standards should be focused on individual educational path of each student.

Of course, the standards of the second generation, meet modernity.But back to those who will be directly put into practice these standards.Left alone with the new requirements, with 10 mandatory hours of extracurricular work with a huge list of necessary documentation, whether the teacher all endure physically?Will he able to just talk to the child from the heart?How much to the first-grader teacher's attention and his smile!

How to create motivation for learning in primary schools link if a simple teacher does not even check all notebooks.One does on weight in the corridor during the break (you can not leave children unattended), the other is sitting up in the morning.What the health of teachers - it is not important?

Of course, it is possible to implement standards in the coordinated work of a primary school teacher, teacher, psychologist, teacher of an additional education.If you have a school computer classes for entry-level, room for additional education.But these schools - one in a thousand in the Russian hinterland.More often than not on the front of the primary school is only one - the first teacher of kids.Think about it if, when they decide to reform primary school ?