Boarding: Special Training Programme

Boarding: special training programs

boarding school - a special school for children under age, having the opportunity to stay day and night students.Create such educational institutions for the purpose of welfare families in the upbringing of the younger generation, as well as improving the social protection of children and the development of their talents.

In our country there are, the following types of boarding schools: regular, in-depth, boarding-school, boarding schools, lyceums.They differ not only the programs of teaching of disciplines, but also recruited a contingent of students who need care from the state.It also can be trained children from ordinary families, residing in the territory of which there are no schools.

Boarding usual profile gives students all the knowledge that they gain in full-time schools.That is, students pass all three levels of education: primary, secondary and upper secondary.In that boarding usually place children without parents, for whatever reason, or childr

en from families troubled.

boarding school with subjects created for gifted children with creative and scientific mind.For example, there are physical and mathematical boarding schools, where children are gaining the winners of various competitions.Competitive admission to such schools allow you to type in a boarding school for children with special abilities.

Also, in our country there are special boarding schools for children with disabilities and limited development.It is, for example, special education of visually impaired, hard of hearing, and so on. D. A program of this educational institution is created on the basis of specific procedures designed to ensure that the disabled child has found its place in society and in spite of illness, I did not feel like an outcast.

special role in the upbringing of the younger generation play types of boarding schools for children who have not yet supposedly at risk.Their main role is to protect adolescents from the harmful influence of the environment and give flanked by an immature child to mentally survive and not to commit criminal acts.

Boarding - Premium institution.The fee is charged to the parents or persons in loco parentis.In addition to teaching the children are provided with appropriate clothing, textbooks and other necessary accessories.On weekends and holidays, at the request of adult students can go home.

graduates of boarding schools, where children orphaned necessarily employed.

special place among the educational institutions with non-stop stay takes Cadet boarding school.The main contingent, recruited to a school - children from poor families, orphans and wards.The program of the institution of this type is designed for boys who for health reasons are willing to go along with the usual school subjects of military discipline areas.Infrastructure Cadet boarding is somewhat different from the usual.There must necessarily be a parade, sports town, at least two paramilitary plots with an obstacle course, and a separate dedicated area for placing military equipment, shooting range and avtoklass.

Cadet boarding school and provides additional aesthetic education.Pupils have the opportunity to learn the choreography, to engage in a drama school, to play music and draw.But the main focus of the institution of this kind is the military-patriotic education associated with the development of the individual, which in the future will be ready to defend the fatherland.