Profile training in modern school

Creation of schools, where students are specialized education, an adequate response to the wishes of the students themselves, who according to polls suggested that a simple model of comprehensive school has exhausted itself and does not allow them to fully navigate professionally.The government agrees in principle with these statements.This is evident from the fact that the Ministry of Education announced the gradual transformation of the majority of "ordinary" schools in the specialized educational institutions.

At its core, specialized education is not the same thing, that the industrial or professional - they are different objectives.The main objective pursued by specialized education is a kind of preparation for further study student at the university of their chosen profession.To do this, the school curriculum is introduced in-depth study of profile, that is, those that are primarily needed for further study, subjects.This does not mean that other subjects will not be taught at all.Just a special

ized education in the school involves the allocation of a greater number of hours it is on selected items.At the same time, as in a conventional training, specialized education in the school involves the issuance of a certificate with the final estimates, not only in subjects with intensive study, but also for other general subjects.The increased number of hours can be not only a part of the main lessons, but also in the form of an elective, that is, additional classes.

The concept of school education is usually introduced to the senior classes and includes the right to independent choice of training options for high school students-or what priority.Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation developed and approved four main options, which can be carried out specialized education.It profiles the mathematical, social, economic, technological and humanitarian bias.And each separate profile involves the study of in-depth study is not one of an object, but several.In mathematical bias is mathematics and physics, and in the humanities - literature together with Russian and foreign languages, etc.But these developments are purely advisory in nature, and the administration of each particular school is entitled to implement its own profile.Therefore, the list of different profiles to date has expanded considerably.For example, according to the data of the same Ministry of Education, noted the formation of agricultural, medical and educational profiles, and many others.

Profile training can have several types of classroom teaching.It can be specialized classes h using a specially designed curriculum or classes with intensive study of core subjects, but the most promising from the standpoint of further student admission to the university, are special classes that operate under the scheme school or university.It is to the latter model, as the most promising for the future of vocational guidance in terms of strict requirements, which makes the modern labor market, and seeks most schools.But the formation of these classes must be close cooperation between schools and institutions in charge of the university, which are elective teachers at senior pupils in the form of additional training courses.Not all schools, especially those located in rural areas, have the opportunity to establish a close cooperation with the higher education institution.So here for the students, as a rule, taught in the class specialized education with a more profound study of subjects.

In general, specialized education is undoubtedly very useful form of learning, allowing the young generation as early as possible to choose a profession inachat active preparation for its reception.