The artifacts of ancient civilizations - the fascinating world of misunderstood

civilizations of the ancient world left after its existence a lot of mysteries and questions, the answers to which have not yet been able to find people.Throughout the history of mankind excite the imagination of the mysterious traces of the material culture of the past.The treasures of Babylon and Crete, Hyperborea and Atlantis, Lemuria and Shambhala hide artifacts of ancient civilizations.They decided to attribute objects dating from the creation of a specific time, but for the time being from the general concept of development of the culture of which they must comply.The artifacts of ancient civilizations known to archaeologists since time immemorial.Multiple findings baffled researchers who are trying to explain the origin, purpose and technology to produce artefacts, based on the standard chronological history of mankind.The timeless nature of the subject makes to reconsider the traditional views on the culture and life of humans, raises questions about the origin of knowledge and technology of an

cient times.

Sphinx - why and how?

Perhaps one of the most studied areas of the ancient world, Egyptian, carries the artifacts of ancient civilization, technology for production of which causes heated debate among historians, archaeologists and researchers and enthusiasts.Business Card Egypt - The Great Sphinx of Giza, statue of a lion's body and a human head, carved into the rock of sandstone.For the latest information about the dating of its origin, based on geological and astronomical data suggest the average age of the Great Sphinx of 10.5 thousand. Years.Giant statue whose appearance so far leads to thrill millions of people had created an unknown civilization, technology and social organization which for millennia have been ahead of the environmental era in the modern sense of the historians.The construction of such scale projects is a daunting task, even for today's architects.And given the expected level of knowledge and technology, public Arrange the time, this problem is unsolvable in general.However, the Great Sphinx through millennia bears its undeciphered message to descendants.

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Not all artifacts of ancient civilizations have such great size.Of particular interest are the scale models and images of different devices and mechanisms, the very existence of which is surprising.Colombian golden airplane model, the Egyptian model glider out of the tomb are a copy of the aircraft.It is surprising that the analysis of the geometry of these figures reveals differences in the proportions of flying insects and birds, and based on them a model airplane in flight tests have shown excellent results.Whether ancient civilizations possessed the technology of flight, still remains a mystery.

Along with the existence of a large number of real objects from the past, the authenticity of which no doubt the researchers, and then are questionable artifacts of ancient civilizations, the study revealed that their natural and not human origin or outright forgery dishonest people.Why do so many continue to look for ancient artifacts?Let us first rule wizard: "People believe what they want to believe, or believe because they are afraid of the truth."