Mursi tribe - the terrible secrets

It's no secret that Africa is a treasure trove of ancient civilization, and keeps a lot of secrets, attracting the attention of many tourists and historians.Today, the African continent is many tribes who adhere to ancient traditions unusual, shocking modern man.So, the most aggressive African tribe Mursi, suggestive fear of tourists and local tribes, still remains the most mysterious ethnic group.

Mursi live in southern Ethiopia, and live according to the canons of primitive society.They keep millennial traditions of their ancestors, they do not care about the problems of the civilized world, they can not read and write.Representatives of the tribe have low growth and big bones.Men on their heads virtually no hair, and women make different hats and unusual ornaments from scrap materials, such as twigs, dead insects, mollusks, and even parts fell to issue appropriate scent.Mursi tribe is particularly aggressive and hostile, which appear both in appearance and in behavior.

Most of the men of the t

ribe carry a mandatory automatic obtained illegally across the border, and those who do not possess such weapons are loaded with long sticks, which determines the size of the male lead.Normally, a machine gun killed with sticks and beat the enemy to death to prove their superiority.Men are prone to alcoholism and different violent temper, so they were afraid to send travelers to Ethiopia.Mursi Tribe, a photo of which affect modern humans their unique and frightening at the same time a way of life, is the most unusual tribe in the world.

Both men and women painted their bodies with unusual characters.Their main feature is the original pretty creepy decoration face women.From an early age girls are cut lower lip, stick to the wooden plates, the size of which increases with each passing year.Later, during her marriage, a wooden plate is replaced by clay, which is called "Debby".This ornament is considered the main advantage of girls.The size of the plates can be up to 30 centimeters.Tribe Mursi women allowed to remove the plate only in the absence of men.It is believed that a woman mutilated himself specially so as to be unattractive and not get into the ownership of the slave owners.Today, however, the presence of girls like jewelry is a symbol of beauty, their size depends on the bride.

Generally picturesque and many African tribes.Mursi stand on their background, not only because of the ornaments.No less creepy and unusual addition to the image are the tattoos.They are created by the cuts, which pushes in the larvae of insects.Because the body is not fully able to cope with the larvae, it is fenced off by scar tissue, creating whimsical drawings.In addition, the women of the tribe create a strange and macabre necklace, made from human fingers phalanges.