How to close the pipe in the bathroom beautifully and correctly

In the standard urban apartments tube centralized hot and cold water and sewage risers are in the toilet or bathroom, so the repair of these facilities the question of how to close the pipe in the bathroom, is quite serious.To build a solid wall which completely covers the water and sewer communications, can not in any case, since the water in the taps are filters, valves, water meters, direct access is required.In addition, it is desirable that the approach to the pipe joints: these are the weaknesses in the system, with which usually begin leaking.Therefore, from the beginning is necessary to consider several options for processing the back of the toilet wall so as to provide an approach to all nodes and devices, as well as to the appearance of the overall design of the walls fit bathrooms.

There are several solutions that respond to the question of how to close the pipe in the toilet properly and beautifully.

  1. Production and installation of a fully detachable walls from chipboard, plywood or plast
    ic.The wall is attached to the frame with screws, clips or special magnets so that at any time it can be removed.Its surface can be painted, wallpapered or other suitable color material.By setting such a wall, we provide full direct access to all systems, but it's still a rather inconvenient and troublesome because of the cumbersome design.
  2. more harmonious and modern version: closed pipe in the toilet with the help of the roller blind.Installed over the entire width and height of the back wall, it is the same as falshstena and provides unrestricted access to the riser, and easily raised and lowered as needed.That's just her imperfect insulation, so the neighbors above, all manipulations will be clearly audible in your bathroom.
  3. In modern construction technologies the question of how to close the pipe in the bathroom, is solved by a partial wall linings to the manufacture of a wide hole convenient (and sometimes two) for easy approach to the necessary sites.Wall laid concrete blocks or 5 cm thick, or sutured two layers of moisture-resistant drywall frame of wooden slats or special metal profiles.You can sew and plastic panels, but the insulation will suffer.

sewing up the wall in this way, you need to determine what will be closing our technological hole.Usually it takes up almost the entire width of the rear wall and 60-80 cm of its height.It is possible to choose the same shutters smaller suitable color, or metal shutters.A good solution is to install surface-hatch, which is also easy to use.

In recent years, increasingly apply the so-called hidden technical hatches.The robust mechanical construction of such a framework ensures the reliability of its installation and use, and the last modifications allow open the door by lightly pressing palms.It compares favorably with a hidden door and in terms of design indoor ceramic tiles, it is virtually invisible against the background of the wall.Thus, solving the problem of how to close the pipe in the toilet without disturbing its overall aesthetics.

Modern large apartments monolithic construction of houses is often a question of how to close the pipe in the bathroom, which pass on the floor and can not be deepened due to technical reasons.It also comes in the box design of the foam blocks or moisture-resistant gypsum board, which is coated with ceramic tiles often.So, any problem can be solved if we consider it professionally and with different points of view.