How to make a wooden floor in the house?

wooden floor in the building itself is considered an aesthetic and environmentally friendly solution.However, in practice it often happens that make it not so easy.

It is said that the wooden floor in the house has high technical and operational terms.Lay it is started after all the "wet" processes are completed.There are three of the main types of flooring: plank parquet from wood plates.

Before proceeding to the deck floor should be aware of certain nuances: the production of works humidity should not be more than 60% and the temperature should not be less than 8 degrees (Celsius).With daily use, it is important to observe the flooring similar treatment.High humidity leads to swelling of the sexes, and the low - to the drying boards.Because of these negative factors the wooden floor in the house quickly becomes unusable state.When selecting materials for the floor should pay attention to the state board.It is important that they had various bugs and should not be present traces of mold or fungus.

Under the plane of the floor it is important to create a ventilated space, and the floor must be present air vents, which are not mentioned above will develop mold and mildew.

Before you begin the flooring plank floor, check the moisture content of boards, which should not be more than 12%.Such floors are laid directly on the beams, but with a clearance therebetween to be small.If the distance between the beams is large, then they placed a special board called lags, and which make the wooden floor in the apartment or house.Lags between the gap is no more than 800-850 millimeters, and the thickness is 35-40 mm.If the board is thicker, it is permissible between joists over substantial distances.

If construction is carried out on the concrete, the lag can be positioned at a distance of 400-500 millimeters.Under them should put a tape antiseptic fiberboard, providing noise insulation.On concrete floors between the floors stacked logs for bedding from the slag and sand, providing sound insulation.Alignment of the horizontal surface by means of sand which spiked as needed.

wooden floor in the house can be made as of ottortsovannyh and from grooved boards.A more expensive material is a lining, which not only provides excellent thermal insulation, but also often treated with antiseptics.Decking is also attractive in that, after mounting on the floor are not visible nail heads.The floorboards lining - the same size, and they do not need the careful fitting, which is not the boards, planed at the ends.

If we talk about how to warm wooden floor, then here it is appropriate to use any available materials.Currently problems with their purchase should not be, as the market is ready to give a lot of different options.

So, after the wooden floor in the house is done, you can proceed to its final processing.But that's another story!