One of the options intraday index futures SP 500

In some traders vnutridenvnaya trade index futures SP 500 runs thus: staring at a computer screen, they are trying to decipher the five-minute chart.Other traders use modern equipment and automated systems for high-frequency trading.But you can try to use a different approach trade.It is based on several factors.One of them - an understanding based on intuition and experience what are the advantages for the current trading day.After this is done comparing signals on trends in prices during the first two hours of the day, and at the same time take into account the situation over a longer period of time.

break it down:
- estimated overall market environment.
- opening a new position justified the closing of the day, going to be considered.
- at the opening of the market impact of yesterday's close, and the extremes of the previous day.This information can be very important for trade within the day.

According to this plan, to play the first 5-30 minutes of the day.You can call it an analysis of the ope

ning range.Easy traced its importance.It should focus on the work of the morning, because in almost every trading day of the biggest flow of transactions and price volatility occur in the morning.Nobody wants to trade, having as opponents of the most active traders.The best thing to do inside the entrance of the day, then most likely the biggest institutional traders en masse to make transactions in the same direction.What interests us?We need to move in the same direction with them, and if something goes too much emotional stress during the most volatile period of the trading day, it will be necessary immediately to get out.

How most intraday traders can not operate correctly?The list can be virtually endless.Here are some very significant mistakes made often enough and anyone:
- when trading intraday trader can succumb to the desire to be too active.The most stringent opponents of traders in the market are much higher than the latest technological base.They also have a much greater volume of capital and a better structure their trading costs.Therefore, when trying to carry too active trading against them, the trader is doomed to failure.
- traders who trade within the day, very often use approaches that are clearly failing.It is extremely important to decide whether the selected niche market trader suitable for him or not.
- pay close attention to the small amounts of information that is completely useless and does not pay sufficient attention to the big picture.
- you can not manage its trading activities are too active, you can not be influenced by emotions and to make transactions while under the influence of strong emotional pressure.This often happens if a trader is too focused on trade within the day.It should be understood that for the individual trader carrying out trade transactions almost always results in excessive transaction costs, while in the company practicing high frequency trading is almost always profit.

Why, then, do we need vnutridenvnoy trading?It's simple.During intraday trading index futures SP 500 if the strategy is thoroughly thought out, it will give a higher yield, and the risk will remain at a much lower level than would have happened in the case of any other trading approach.