Do unshakable spiritual values?

spiritual values ​​- is installed and behavioral norms, standards and moral taboos, ideals and evaluation, community standards and concepts of good and evil, right and wrong, beauty and ugliness, should not be tolerated.Subject Property (wealth, natural resources), act as the facilities to meet the needs of people, and spiritual - are independent sphere, which forms the attitude of society, even to things and things.Unlike, for example, a natural resource such as water, that a person consumes, the brotherhood or solidarity makes people who share these principles to act in a certain way.It can be said that the scope of the ideal in favor of behavioral motivation of human actions.

question arises: how independent and immutable spiritual values?On the one hand, religion claim they are given to us from "above" - ​​in the form of the commandments, and, therefore, eternal and unchanging.Just at some stage struck "Hour of Mercy" when mankind were awarded these eternal tablets (or mankind simply "matured" to

the point that they take).Other voices advocating for that spiritual standards evolve along with society.For example, in the era of "trogloditskoy morality" was not considered shameful to kill the weak, women and take away his cattle, and now it is classified as murder, rape and robbery.In the days of ancient Greece, own slaves was not considered shameful, it is now - a crime.

relativists reinforce their arguments that now, along with the universal coexist spiritual values ​​of social strata and individuals.And, unfortunately, some individuals are all the same "trogloditskuyu morality."Our ethical standards codified in the changing state laws (remember, though, that the death penalty previously applied everywhere, and now the list of countries where capital punishment is the deprivation of life is steadily decreasing).Our view of the world is altered due to the change of scientific paradigmatov.The sense of beauty imposed on us aesthetic education - in fact, there are people who feel wonderful most primitive kitsch.

All this is true: the concept of justice, good, proper, and the idea of ​​beauty modified.Therefore, we say that there were spiritual values ​​of the culture of primitive society, ancient world, medieval and modern times.But if there is no substitution of the term?Not whether we accept the manifestation and realization of ideas and ideals in the behavior of these very values?For example, consider the scope of fair - not fair, justified - criminal.Going to a campaign against another tribe, primitive soldiers sincerely believed that doing the right thing and legitimate: they were in fact a war against "foreign" and not repaired insult "their".The feudal lord seized land from the rival "by right of conquest" and rest assured that not a jot sinned against the law.

Therefore, we can conclude that justice as such has always been the satisfaction of people and violation of justice, breeds resentment, anger, the desire that justice be restored.Aesthetic spiritual values ​​evolved from cave paintings to contemporary postmodernism, but the desire of people to the beautiful has always been.As well as an aversion to ugly.Creativity as a process has brought and brings flour and joy as the primitive artist and modern.The process of learning something new, pushes the horizons of our understanding of the world, it has always been inherent in man.Therefore, the search for truth, too, is among the universal spiritual values.Finally, the sacral area.People at all times was considered a saint, led by the Spirit, a priest, sorcerer, soothsayer?Someone who is not just theoretically shared spiritual values ​​and lives according to them - according to the commandments of the law on justice and truth.