How to make a sandblaster with their hands

sandblasters usually applied in several cases.The first involves the processing of parts to create a clean surface for further coating.II - involves the processing of parts to separate them from the various inclusions or Prigara.The most interesting case is considered using a third device such as a sandblaster.He suggests that the device will be used as a creative tool.

That is why in its manufacture must take into account all the peculiarities of its application.Although there are some models that can be used in all the cases proposed.They differ movable nozzle design and the ability to move it to different positions.Therefore, this design is called portable.

To make a sandblaster with his hands, be initially purchased compressor unit.For these purposes, may come normal compressor building to the receiver.It is desirable that it be small in size to be able to easily carry it.

also need a container of sand, which can be easily moved in the process.Normal homemade sandblaster can use a small amount

of sand, so as such a capacity can go up a plastic bottle or used a fire extinguisher.When using such a container it is recommended in the course of her work hung down outlet.

Next, you will need the standard factory pressure gun or airbrush.They make sandblaster easy to use and portable.You must be connected to the spray gun hose from the compressor, and an outlet nozzle mount ordinary tap tee.It is ideally suited to a standard air gun, and when mounted on the spray gun will need to use an adapter.

on opposite outlet tee, you must install a standard ceramic nozzles.The living conditions of their put on jewelry or dental sandblaster and can buy them in the appropriate store.It should be noted that the nozzles of the other material are not suitable for these purposes because a few minutes of their expanding outlet, which reduces the pressure.

By the third hole tee mounted on the blasting unit is attached to the container with sand.Moreover, if it is a plastic bottle, it can be attached directly to the tee, and if a fire extinguisher or another large capacity, it is connected with a hose.

After connecting all parts sandblasting unit is ready.The sand is used as the various factions fused or screened building sand.

All work on the blasting should be carried out in goggles and a respirator.This will protect your eyes from sand and fine dust from the lungs.