How to determine the acidity of the stomach and to normalize its level

gastric juice can be called an aggressive substance.Even if the pH level is normal, the gastric juice can still dissolve, such as a razor blade, made of stainless steel or a plate of a small thickness of zinc.And this is explained simply - in the gastric juice has a hydrochloric acid.Also gastric acidity helps to maintain a neutral balance in the stomach.But if the body there are any failures, the level of acidity increases.How to determine the acidity of the stomach?Today it is one of the most popular questions.

One of the most important rules of the competent food states that food should chew, even if it has a very soft and smooth texture.However, this rule should be very few people.Sometimes a break just once - to say nothing of a quiet meal?How to determine the acidity of the stomach itself?If it comes to that, it is normal or not?If you felt any disruptions in the body, and you know that breaking the diet - the food is taken in a hurry, eat cold food, or on the go - it's likely, the acidity incre

ased.Acidic enzymes that are activated while the process of digestion, but rather part of them, should be neutralized with the help of saliva.If this does not occur, the process is reversed, and - not for the better.

How to determine the acidity of the stomach?Properly to do so can only highly qualified doctor-gastroenterologist by measuring pH acidity laboratory methods.Also, it can be done by resorting to sensing or intragastric pH-metry.Allowable concentrations above mentioned hydrochloric acid, if it is not more than 0.4-0.5 percent.

Reduced gastric acidity.

Symptoms of the problem manifested in the following: nausea and hard to digest food.If a person is very poor appetite and loose stools, it can also be regarded as symptoms of the problem.Also, with low acidity may appear heaviness in the stomach.From this you can get rid of, if you regularly drink concoctions of some herbs that help the body to secrete gastric juice: wormwood, calamus, peppermint, fennel.


symptoms of high acidity can be a sharp pain that occurs in the stomach, a feeling of "gravity" of the stomach - it makes itself felt usually after people take the food.How to determine the acidity of the stomach?This question is often asked by people who want to do it yourself.But it's best to see a doctor - he will do everything correctly, and the result will definitely be accurate.

To maintain the level of acidity in the norm is to stop drinking during meals, do not smoke, do not drink coffee on an empty stomach, as well as to start the day with a glass of ordinary purified water.And, of course, you can not be nervous - emotions have a great influence on the digestive processes in the body.