The first Russian revolution: the causes and results of the

first Russian revolution - this is a whole chain of events which began on January 9, 1905 and lasted until 1907 in what was then the Russian Empire.These events were made possible by the current revolutionary situation in the country at the beginning of the 20th century.

first Russian revolution showed that radical changes are essential to the state.However, Nicholas II was in no hurry with the transformations in the country.

reasons the first Russian revolution:

  • economic (world economic crisis in the early 20th century, the backwardness of development both in agriculture and industry);
  • social (development of capitalism did not result in any change in the old way of life of the people, hence the contradiction between the new system and the old remnants);
  • political (the crisis of sovereignty, the entire decline in the authority of Tsarist Russia after loss of quick victory in the Russian-Japanese War, and as a result, activation of left-wing opposition movements);
  • national (lack of rights of n
    ations and the high degree of exploitation).

What forces existed in Russia before the revolution?Firstly, it is the liberal movement, which is based on the nobility and the bourgeoisie.Secondly, this is a conservative direction.Thirdly, the radical-democratic movements.

What were the objectives of the first revolution?

1) address a number of issues, including agricultural, work, national;

2) the overthrow of the autocracy;

3) adoption of the Constitution;

4) classless society;

5) freedom of expression and choice.

first Russian revolution was of a bourgeois-democratic character.The reason for its implementation were the events of the beginning of January, with the name "Bloody Sunday."Winter morning peaceful march of workers directed to the king, incurring his portrait and singing "God Save the Tsar ...".At the head of the procession was a priest Gapon.It is still unclear whether he was an ally of revolutionaries or the supporter of the peace march, as his sudden disappearance remains a mystery ... The events of Bloody Sunday led to the death of workers.This occasion has given a strong impetus to the revitalization of the Left.Beginning of the first bloody Russian Revolution.

Nicholas II takes several manifestos, including "a manifesto on the establishment of the State Duma" and "Manifesto on the improvement gosporyadka."Both documents are literally turned the tide.During the Revolution the activity was carried out 2 State Duma, which had been dissolved before the date of its completion.After the dissolution of the second entered into force "Third of the political system", which became possible after the breach of Nicholas II, the manifesto of October 17, 1905.

first Russian revolution, the causes of which are on the surface for a long time, led to the fact that in Russia changed the political situation and the social situation of citizens.Also, a coup gave rise to agrarian reform.However, the 1st Russian Revolution did not solve its main problem - the elimination of autocracy.Nicholas 1 and autocracy in Russia will survive another 10 years.