Nuclear bomb - one of the symbols of scientific progress?

1945 marked not only the victory of the allied countries in the Second World War over Nazi Germany and its allies, but also another momentous event.Two Japanese cities were destroyed just two bombs, one for each.Mankind has entered a new era.It started a nuclear age.

nuclear bomb with a funny name "Little Boy" was the first charge created by physicists, capable of causing massive destruction as the enemy and successfully applied in the fighting.Historic aircraft B-29, to carry out this mission, the museum is in the US Air and Space on its polished duralumin board is inscribed the name of the mother of the captain, Enola Gay, like this case.August 6 was dealt the first blow, and the second in three days, the city of Nagasaki.This nuclear bomb also had a funny name - "Fat Man."

first bomb was set pretty simple, for "cannon" principle.The supercritical mass of uranium was placed in the barrel of an artillery piece of the ship's guns, and in the breech was the charge necessary to create a chain react

ion of its seal.Nuclear bomb had a length of three meters and weighed four tons, and the weight of military uranium charge was 64 kilograms, of which reacted only about 700 grams.The rest of the weight of this terrible weapon consisted of a fragment of said stem, shell, stabilizers, fuses and other distracting material.

low efficiency, which suffered the first nuclear bomb was the cause of a relatively small radiological contamination of soil and small for this class of weapons destructive power, measured in thousands of tons of TNT needed to cause such damage.The "kid" it was about 15 000 tons.For comparison - the maximum payload is the same "Superfortress" B-29 was 9 tonnes.Four and a half years a bomber should have been able to make daily combat missions in order to cause the enemy about such destruction.

Mankind has always sought upward and forward, trying to outdo itself, especially in the field of devices for the destruction of all living things.Ros TNT equivalent, applied new "layered" technology and other ingenious solutions to improve the ratio of "useful" Effects of atomic weapons.

apogee destructive power created by physicists, was "602 AN product."Not that it was impossible to create something even more terrible, you can only experience would be nowhere.

most powerful nuclear bomb in the history of the tradition also got its own name, though unofficial, "gruel" or "Kuzka."It is the creation of all threatened to show the Americans NSKhrushchev, and during the XXII Congress of the CPSU (1961) kept his promise.

first wanted to "bang" of 100 megatons, but regretted Norilsk Metallurgical Plant.We agreed on half equivalent.Length of bombs - twelve meters in diameter - two and a half, the body remains the same, from stomegatonnoy and bombolyuk conventional Tu-95 does not fit, had to slightly trim the edges and remove the sash.The effect has exceeded all expectations, the shock wave spread around the planet three times.

However, it later became clear that such a military nuclear bomb is not needed, its delivery to the target is problematic, and somewhat less powerful charges can cause more damage to the enemy than one giant explosion.

It is hoped that the history of nuclear conflict and to complete the first two bombs dropped in 1945.