Alexei Stakhanov and the Stakhanovite movement

Stakhanov movement - is a form of socialist competition in the Soviet Union.An original ancestor of the competition was made by Alex G. Stakhanov.He was the first yielded unprecedented results.On the night of 30 on August 31, 1935 for his efforts were cut one shift 102 tons of coal.Such productivity exceeded the norm by 14 times.It happened on the territory of Ukraine, the mine "Central Irmino."

For this feat of his career Alexei Stakhanov was originally awarded the Order of Lenin, and in 1970 he was awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor.

Immediately Stakhanovite movement was picked up by miners.And later took over the case and all the others, including the workers of heavy industry.Across the country, this competition was headed by the Communists.For example, after the feat of Stakhanov A. Gagarin, who was a blacksmith Gorky Automobile Plant, for a change of 966 forged crankshafts.It is worth noting that the rate at that time was 675 units.So while Bulgakov, like Stakhanov, was the champion i

n their field.

I. Hoods, milling with the Moscow plant named after Ordzhonikidze, exceeded the daily rate is more than four times.More precisely - by 410%.E. namesakes and Vinogradov reached Stakhanovite record in the field of textile industry.They managed to serve up 100 machines.

general, already by 1937 the Stakhanov movement captured about 22% of agricultural workers.In turn, this has led to extraordinary results.Growth in labor productivity increased by 82%, and the growth of industrial output increased by 79%.

also believed that the Stakhanovite movement was one of the determining factors in the victory in the Great Patriotic War.In her years of Stakhanov movement stood out many different formations.In the first place - it thousanders.The first of them was the miller D. Barefoot.He was able to fulfill the norm by 1480%.Generally, thousanders - it is those who do not rate less than 1000%.And, despite these figures, these people were indeed many.That they kept almost the entire production.

addition thousanders were also skorostniki - those who exhibited the most minimal terms for the execution of certain rules.These include Zinnurov M., N. Bazetu A. Chalkov that were considered true masters in the field of high-speed metal smelting.B. Seminsky also excelled in the speed-metal, except that he was a carver.A team of miners-skorostnikov L. Golokolosova played a very important role in the liberation of Donbass.

All this resulted in the fact that, despite the difficult conditions, labor productivity in the USSR in the Great Patriotic War has increased by 121%.

It resulted in such outcome is the same night of August 31, 1935.But at that time the mine "Central Irmino" considered private, but Alexei Stakhanov with his exploits brought it to a whole new level.Now it is written in every school textbook on the history.And the Stakhanov immortalized remembered as a hero.