How to perform a calculation of the heating system

Calculation of the heating system - it is time-consuming and at the same time an interesting process, which will become an integral part of creating and maintaining home comfort.Individual heating system is now especially popular and is the best option for installation in a private home.

Calculating the heating system starts at home, of course, the choice of the generator heat.It was his power will be taken into account in the first place.The heat source in the home water heating system is likely to serve as a pot.These devices are generally classified into power, liquid fuel, solid fuel, and gas and combined.

natural that the power of the selected boiler will depend on the final result and that there will be enough energy heating system, it is good to warm up the room to a comfortable temperature in the cold season.At the same time, perform the calculation of the heating system, you can not dwell on boilers with excess capacity, as overruns of energy expressed in any extra financial expenditur

e.Thus, in order to efficiently use resources and achieve the desired result, you need to follow the advice of experts.They note that the calculation of the heating system of a private house should begin with the selection of the boiler output.First you need to calculate the following parameters:

  • size of the living space, which must be heat;
  • power density heat source for 10 cubic meters of living space.

specific boiler output is selected depending on the climatic characteristics of the area in which the heated room.For example, for the Moscow region is advisable to choose a generator power up to six kilowatts, while the southern regions will be sufficient 0.9 kilowatts.

Final output of the boiler house is calculated by multiplying the area of ​​the premises in the power density.Then, the resulting value is divided by 10. The most frequently as the value of the specific capacity of the boiler unit is taken, which is average.Such an approach would make the calculation of the heating system as convenient as possible.

course, these calculations are performed on the basis of the average weather conditions which virtually never remain constant and vary depending on the season.Different influencing the temperature in the house, wind or solar radiation make it necessary to constantly regulate the intensity of the heating equipment.

Thus, the calculation of the heating system and the regulation will mean - qualitative or quantitative.Characterized by controlling the change of quality of the coolant, and quantification is carried out by changing the volume of fluid supplied to the heating system.

These regulatory processes can be automated.They will occur depending on the outside weather conditions, or in the case of deviation from the norm - a preselected temperature of the room.